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It’s been a while since I had a session that went so smoothly! A little over an hour and I got all of the images that I had planned for – this is a new record for 2009! What a sweet little boy…and gorgeous, too!

It always warms my heart to watch parents interact with their little one(s). Maybe it’s because I understand that feeling when I look at my son…just so full of love and happiness – and in awe of this little person you adore so much. It means so much to me to be able to capture these moments for families…so that they can look back years from now and remember these special moments :) Time files and they grow so quickly.

This one with daddy I love – baby boy smiles just like daddy :)

And a bubble bath to end our session! I just love this smile :) Full of cute baby teeth and eyes that are beaming.

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Every time I photograph this little doll, I seriously think about baby #2. She is just so, so, so, so darling! Those curls are just so absolutely adorable…and look at her eyes when she smiles — so, so innocent and beautiful. She is one of the happiest babies I know – ALWAYS  full of big smiles when I photograph her.  What a happy little girl!

Toooo cute for words!!!

…and, she loves to share :)  Look at her legs – so chubby and cute!

Now here is that smile – so contagious – so happy – and her eyes just light up :)

This will be my last entry for 2009, and I think this is the perfect post to end the year with! I’m on vacation now until January 2nd! A trip to Sea World, spending time with family & friends…and of course, lots of rest, relaxation and food! Happy Holidays everyone – see you next year!!!

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…my socks have been knocked off. I do not know where they are. I lost them at the park last night while photographing this BEAUTIFUL family. But do not fret my amazing blog readers, I have many more pairs just like them and always look forward to having them knocked off!


The light that evening was magical. phenomenal. delightful – as was the family.

…and what a sweet personality our model had! She did an excellent job at making googly eyes for my camera!

So, I must say, mom picked the best outfits. ever. I receive quite a few emails about what to wear for sessions, and I always encourage everyone to “go together” – as opposed to being “matchy matchy”. Case and point below:

See how mom & dad’s shirts accent the cyan blue in baby girl’s dress even though her dress is mostly pink? It is the perfect combination. I always, always prefer deep, rich jewel tones and bright colors over neutrals! What a difference it makes for the photos!

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…for the holidays! This year we decided to get a noble instead of a fir – and I absolutely love that we did!  There’s something so magical about Christmas trees…maybe it’s the process of going out, walking around, searching for the perfect one, packing it up and bringing it home…or maybe it’s the yummy pine scent that fills your living room…or maybe it’s the look of excitement on your child’s face when they see it all lit up – I think it’s all of the above :) So we finally bought our tree and decorated it…yay!

So now, on to unrelated things. The Magic Bullet: My Best Friend. I must say, I adore this little machine. Why you ask? Well, it’s quick and powerful…oh, and helps me make yummy nutritious homemade food for my son :) Although my boy is 21 months, he still enjoys fruity shakes for breakfast and soup for lunch. So, I make my own and puree! When my son just started solids at 6 months, I bought jarred Earth’s Best baby food for him. That was good for a while, but I soon realized that I wanted more variety in what he was eating – plus, he was eating 2+ jars at a time – so I needed more. That’s when I started with the Magic Bullet. For breakfast, I just mix in some fresh fruit, 100% fruit juice, cream cheese, Yo Baby yogurt & several cubes of avocado – the result is a very yummy & healthy breakfast shake. MMM. Then for lunch, I might blend some chicken breast strips, brown rice, veggies & eggs –or a whole grain pasta mix for a delectable soup :)  I also blend in bulk…I try to blend enough for a few days…which takes some time but it’s well worth it.

…The result is a fridge full of homemade yummies for my son. So simple, so easy. I debated over getting the Beaba, but decided that the Magic Bullet was a better buy – powerful & versatile…I just use a small pot to cook the food…and save the water to add into the Bullet. Even if your baby is younger and isn’t into complex blends yet, you can just buy fresh fruit or even frozen fruit (they have a great selection at Trader Joe’s for fruit not in season), dump them into the Bullet-frozen, add enough liquid…and you’re good to go – no need to even steam/cook/thaw the fruit! So easy! Plus you can throw in some avocados for a major nutritional boost – or cream cheese to make it so yummy. Here’s my fridge, fully stocked for a few days:

All of this takes me about an hour, but I typically do it when hubs is home. I figure I should at least do homemade for my son since I can’t do it for hubs and I. Chopping raw chicken, working with knives etc. with a toddler getting into all sorts of mischief because he knows you’ve got your hands full is a no-go in my house…I’ve tried it before and it always ends with either raw chicken on the floor…or chasing my son with raw chicken on my hands—and lots of Lysol wipes.  However, hitting blend on the bullet is clean and totally doable – while still being able to pick my son up if necessary. After all of this, there’s always a mess to clean…so to reward myself, I decide to bake cookies…MMM

…and 9 minutes later – still in the oven, fresh & warm!

Just a little tidbit on what a typical day for me is like.  One of my resolutions for 2010 is to document more. Taking photos of my mommy days and create a photo journal of sorts to look back on. This is going to be one of my first entries: The Days of the Magic Bullet…

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…to raise a child. In this case, baby boy couldn’t be any luckier–his village is amazing.

A loving daddy, sweet mommy, adoring uncle and wonderful grandpa & grandma. This baby boy is definitely loved (to say the least)!

There was something so enchanting about the environment where we were shooting. The majestic pepper trees, cool breeze…and free spirited daddy made for an excellent photo session…which completely inspired me – and reminded me why I love shooting on-location! Can a studio setting ever convey emotion and ambiance the way these images do? Not a chance.

Really, he has the most lovely complexion…

…which looks like he gets from mommy :)

I love, love these! Grandpa + Harley + Baby = awesomeness!

More to come!

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Part one of this post….Oh me oh my! It’s been a wonderfully busy last three months…and now things are winding down as the New Year approaches. I’m finishing up my 2009 sessions. January and February 2010 are booked.
I’m now scheduling for March and beyond. My new 2010 Collections are also available.

Now on to part two! Photos! My blog has been very much neglected for the past week. I will update with recent sessions next week. To make up for it, here’s a full session slideshow to share from this awesome day (press “play” underneath the last image on the left side – it takes a moment to load). I also made lots of updates to my website photo galleries – check it out – you may see some familiar faces :) Enjoy – and Happy Friday!

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…it’s always fun to photograph a boy who is my own son’s age. I think it’s pretty hilarious because some are just like my boy when being photographed.  Luckily, I have at least  a few tricks up my sleeve to get some giggly shots…photographing little man below definitely hit close to home for me :) Oh, but look how cute he is!


I thought this was the sweetest…Grandpa, all the way from Germany, with his grandson.
They played and giggled….it was so sweet.

And the baby of the family — looking snuggly and oh so adorable!
Here he is three months ago at less than two weeks old :)

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…especially when you have girls as pretty as this family’s. Since you can’t tell from this photo how gorgeous these children are, I have a few follow-ups that will help give you an idea.

Beauty #1

Beauty #2

Beauty #3

When you’re photographing a family with such gorgeous children, it’s hard not to take lots of solos! Each of the girls had her own unique and beautiful features…and the apples don’t fall far from the tree. Here are mom & dad…

It was very, very cold that morning – thank you for being such great troopers!

  • Tara Thanks so much Julie for taking time to capture such great family portraits of us. You are an amazing photographer and are truly gifted and blessed!(12.08.2009 06:49am)

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… I’d much rather stay awake!

Although baby girl wanted to stay awake during our session – we did luck out and get a few minutes of sleep time.  Ohh, and it was well worth the wait to get a sweet shot like the one below.

More to come! Wait until you see her amazing blue eyes!

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Finally, finally – it’s beginning to look like Fall in California! It’s about time – it’s almost December for crying out loud! And…little man seemed very content with the cool breeze, falling leaves…and green grass all around – I think he’s going to be a nature lover like his mommy :)

He looks totally happy sitting on the grass – and extremely adorable, too! And just look at those dimples – which are just like mommy’s :)

  • Lisa Orellosa OMG!! These pictures are so vibrant and absolutely adorable! Jacob looks like his hottie of a mommy in these photos...sorry Jason! =)(12.01.2009 04:49am)

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