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sneak peek

… I’d much rather stay awake!

Although baby girl wanted to stay awake during our session – we did luck out and get a few minutes of sleep time.  Ohh, and it was well worth the wait to get a sweet shot like the one below.

More to come! Wait until you see her amazing blue eyes!

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Finally, finally – it’s beginning to look like Fall in California! It’s about time – it’s almost December for crying out loud! And…little man seemed very content with the cool breeze, falling leaves…and green grass all around – I think he’s going to be a nature lover like his mommy :)

He looks totally happy sitting on the grass – and extremely adorable, too! And just look at those dimples – which are just like mommy’s :)

  • Lisa Orellosa OMG!! These pictures are so vibrant and absolutely adorable! Jacob looks like his hottie of a mommy in these photos...sorry Jason! =)(12.01.2009 04:49am)

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It’s definitely no surprise that their baby would be a beauty.
Delicate peachy-pink complexion and a perfect little pout.

Itty bitty fingers and tiny toes.

Pretty, soft brown hair…So peaceful here.

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A session starts off fresh, clean, dirt free:

Things get more interesting…as nature’s elements becomes increasingly more attractive to our little model:

This is the natural progression….within about 30 minutes of a session, dirt, sand, grass etc…are happily welcomed as part of our backdrop. This is what childhood is all about! Having fun, playing in the dirt, sand & grass! Being carefree :)  Can it get any better? YES! Enter sweets into the picture:

Now, we’ve completely given in – let the real mess commence! A little cupcake with icing – yummo.

And in case there wasn’t already enough sugar, we have a big lollipop to get the job done. Happy first birthday!

  • kris I love these photos!!!! They came out so great!(01.19.2010 09:51pm)

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Everything about this session was just dreamy. The sunlight, the wind, the cool air — and of course, mommy-to-be was absolutely dreamy herself. So dainty, delicate, pretty…and clearly glowing with love for daddy & baby.

Dreamy? Absolutely!

Stunning? YES

…waiting for their sweet baby girl to arrive

Mother & daughter…I just can’t wait to meet their new addition in just under 2 months :)

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Meet Jack. He’s got beautiful eyes, a cute button nose, and a smile that will melt your heart!  And…he is the chubbiest three month old I have photographed. ever!  When mom told me he was chubby, I didn’t appreciate how serious she was until I saw him. He had some serious, serious chubs…and then some! As a newborn, he was itty bitty – here is is at only two weeks old.  What a big difference!

It’s hard being a model – here he is having a little break and getting some snuggles from mommy & daddy.

There’s something about Jack that is really special. You can see it in his smile – so innocent….and his eyes….he has such a gentleness about him. I saw it as a newborn, but I see it even more now. Doesn’t he look like the most gentle baby? So sweet and innocent.

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You may recognize this little cutie…I photograph him every 3 months! It’s actually neat to photograph him in the same spot at least a few times every session, because you can see how much he’s changed.  At three months, he was laying down in a basket, at 6 months, he was just barely sitting up with help from mom, and now at 8 months, he’s sitting up without hesitation – next time, at 12 mos, he’ll probably be running!

I think the look on his face here is just the best. Those cheeks – Soooo pinchable!

But then again, his laughs are also phenomenal. He laughs with his entire body – it’s the cutest thing!

It’s neat to look back and think, wow, when I photographed him as a newborn, we had no idea what he’d be like 8 months later….Isn’t it amazing how different 8 months looks????

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Oh my goodness! What a sweet, sweet, adorable new baby boy! Newborn sessions always make me happy :) A new life entering the world is such a miracle – and I feel extremely blessed to be able to capture these special moments.

Teeny tiny fingers…and itty bitty toesies – my favorite!

Beautiful mommy with her new bundle of joy…

…and with daddy

After quite a bit of awake time, our little model finally decided it was a good time to sleep…which made me very happy! I just love, love photos of sleeping newborns. There’s just something so magical, so peaceful about watching a new baby sleep.

BUT, I must say, even when he was awake, he was just as cute as a button.

  • Carrie Rutt Beautiful!!!!!(11.12.2009 12:39pm)
  • Akleema Hillis he is so precious!!!... I love him so much. Gram(01.07.2010 06:32pm)

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There are times when I’m reviewing images from a session…and I just start smiling ear to ear. This is most definitely one of those sessions! Not only was I smiling while going through the images, I was also overwhelmed with emotion – the image below just does something to me…the light, the look of absolute joy, the love, the energy…all of it.

It’s amazing what a child can bring to your lives. Love that you cannot describe in words…and a feeling of completion that is just unmatched. I just love how she looks here…pensive, innocent, beautiful…

These I also love – how happy! The essence of childhood!

The family! All giggles and smiles – just the way I like it!

Mommy and daughter

A little grass, some sunlight and a pretty little girl to photograph = a photographer’s dream.

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One thing I’ve learned about photographing toddlers is that you should never ask them to do anything directly. Make everything a game. Case and point below:

When I asked: “Oooh, can you look at me, I want to see your handsome face” — instead of big puppy dog eyes gazing up at me, I got a fluffy stuffed puppy’s butt in my face. Take that, he says! So, I resort to plan B, which works most of the time and ask: “What are you reading? Who is that on your book?”
And alas, I get the result I want:  Eye contact

And then I ask a series of questions: ” Where are your teeth? Eyes? Ears? Mouth? Where am I? Where are you?”

Now he’s happy….

And my favorite question because it resulted in the images below (specifically, the kissing puppy one)…
“Where is puppy?”

See, sweet little toddler,  made you look! I win!

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