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Thanks for stopping by! Blueberry Sky Photography {BSP} is a fresh & modern on-location photography boutique. We specialize in birth photography, newborn, baby + family photography as well as maternity photography! As you'll notice while browsing through our images, the BSP style is light-hearted and fun with modern and spunky twist. Since we shoot on-location, we travel all over Los Angeles, Orange County & to the San Fernando Valley. Thanks again for visiting! We hope to hear from you soon!
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…in a magazine! So pretty, so delicate, so lovely! Is it possible for a baby and nursery to “match”? If it is, this is definitely a prime example – the rosy nursery colors  and her beautiful complexion were a match made in heaven…

Sweet Aubrey was happiest when sitting on things that were soft and plush during our photo session – I don’t blame her – especially with a bare bottom! Grass and wicker stools were not things she was very excited about! But look, such a cute baby girl happy as can be on a nice cushy chair!

Wondering where our little model gets her good looks from — mommy!  Although I haven’t had a chance to meet daddy, I’m sure some of that comes from him, too!

While grass is not the most comfy texture when it comes to sitting, it is interesting to touch and feel with little fingers – Aubrey was a trooper and let me get sweet shots like this one.

  • Jim & Gail Behringer Hi Laura, Just saw all of Aubrey's pictures....she is so beautiful, so delicate and such a precious little girl. Wow, those shocking blue eyes just draw you to her. Thanks for sharing! luv ya Auntie Gail & Uncle Jim(08.01.2009 05:27am)
  • CINDY CUNNINGHAM Aubrey you are the light of my life you are such a beautiful little girl these photos are wonderful thankyou BLUEBERRY SKY !!!! LOVE GRANDMA(08.01.2009 05:27am)
  • Jennifer Respicio Hi Laura, Aubrey photographs are beautiful!!(08.10.2009 01:36am)
  • Annie I just love that first picture!! Beautiful! Great work.(08.21.2009 06:46pm)

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Sometimes I share various events and places I’ve visited – there’s so much to do in LA and I think this festival is a great way to spend a Saturday/Sunday with family. A beautiful festival to enjoy this weekend:

“Obon is a time to remember and honor all those who have passed on before us. It is a time to appreciate all that they have done for us and to recognize the continuation of the influence of their deeds upon our lives. Obon is also a time of self-reflection; the joy one feels is not from the happiness of getting what you desire, but the joy of being shown the truth — the joy of awareness. Obon reminds us to love and care for our parents. It also encourages the practice of selfless giving (dana) not only to family and friends, but to all beings.”

On the topic of giving, please don’t forget that Blueberry Sky Photography participates in the Pictures of Hope Foundation -  an awesome organization that provides FREE documentary style photography services to families with newborns in the NICU. Blueberry Sky Photography {BSP} is a member and offers this service to families with newborns in the South Bay (Little Company of Mary’s & Torrance Memorial). Visit the Pictures of Hope website for details about this amazing organization. Busy season is in full swing for BSP (and photographers in general), but it’s my personal mission to do all that I can to contribute

  • Jan & Ken Thanks for the picture update on Sam's growth. We are in Arizona moving Jan's mom into the nursing home of the community where she has lived in for 12 years. It is going as well as can be expected. We go home on Saturday.(08.19.2009 02:05am)

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My favorite, favorite, favorite photo of the most gorgeous face. I have never seen eyes this color, a face so symmetrical with such delicate features and skin tone-so beautiful.  I just may get this one on a canvas.

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…because I must be dreaming! How adorable is she?! So sweet, so cute, so fuss-free and a total breeze to photograph. Not only was she a great little model – but she’s also got the yummiest baby chub – my camera looooves.

Mother nature was on our side for our photo session;  she gave us about 30 minutes of clouds to shield baby girl from the harsh summer sunlight. Needless to say, I was one happy camper!

Baby, grass, toes, chubs — my faves!

Our model was kind enough to give us some sweet smiles (thanks to grandma for her  little song & dance)!

Just look at those beautiful eyes….and those plump cheeks!

I really, really, really love these photos of mommy and daughter. The connection between them is so beautiful. Baby girl kept leaning in to give mommy a kiss several times during the photo session – so sweet :)

As I review the images from our session, I realize even more so that I really need to get some photos taken of my son and I like this before he gets any bigger (he’s already 18 mos)!!! That’s my goal :) It must be done! Sadly though, I seriously doubt I’ll be able to get a shot like this–the idea of him laying down – still – makes me laugh!

  • Ken Y Wow. Theses are some great photos. You two look great. Time really flys they don't stay small forever. A nice way to caputre the memories.(07.26.2009 06:56pm)
  • Anna Great photos! Jillian is so cute - I can't believe she's already 6 months old!(07.26.2009 10:17pm)
  • Sakko Real nice photos and cute models!!! I'd like to take photos like these with my daughter.(07.27.2009 03:12am)
  • Jennifer Jillian looks oh so sweet and cute in these pictures. Too adorable for words! The camera loves her.(07.27.2009 04:07am)
  • stef h OMG! Beautiful! Dang lil j is hella photogenic!! J you look so pretty too!!! Man, awesome pics!!!! :)(07.27.2009 05:05am)
  • Dori OMG, these pics are gorgeous, Jul and Jun! Jillian is such a good and happy baby!(07.27.2009 06:47am)
  • Mike Y Wow, baby Jillian takes great pictures. She is such a happy baby.(07.27.2009 07:19am)
  • Grandpa/Dad Ugai The pictures came out beautiful but I am not surpised he had great models. Grandma has always been able to make me smile too with her song and dance.(07.27.2009 03:14pm)
  • kaleen wow jillys so cute !!! Good pics! =)(07.27.2009 06:11pm)
  • Ina Beautiful pictures! I love the pic of Jillian and her mommy smiling together. So cute!(07.27.2009 06:47pm)
  • Tracy Ugai Umm there was a glich in the site... My comment went to the wrong set of pictures! LOL I said that these are sooo cute, and creative!! I love them!Good Job Mom, on the Dancing and singing.(07.27.2009 07:22pm)
  • Maria Grimaldo These pictures are gorgeous! Jun is a lucky man to have two such beautiful ladies in his life... ;-)(07.28.2009 06:00am)
  • Miki Beautiful pictures!!! It's so hard to capture such nice smiles from a Baby - you guys did a great job!(07.29.2009 05:47am)
  • Kathy Absolutely gorgeous! Mommy and Jillian pictures are adorable! The pictures really capture the emotions!(07.29.2009 06:56pm)
  • Lauryn Wow, these pictures are amazing... you two are so beautiful!! Little Jillian is such a happy baby... I love these pics!! :)(07.29.2009 09:35pm)
  • Scott Suzuki Very nice pictures! Jillian is growing up so fast and cute!(07.29.2009 11:23pm)
  • Nicole Harada Great photos of you and Jillian! She is growing up to be such a beautiful girl! :)(08.06.2009 09:10pm)

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Only days old and cute as a button…

The Los Angeles heat kept our model quite comfy – I, on the other hand, was more that a little hot! But as long as our newborn is happy – I’m happy!

  • Esmeralda and Ralph Barba Oh my gosh!! These are so beautiful! You do great work, we are very pleased with the photos thus far. Esmeralda and Ralph Barba(07.21.2009 01:14am)
  • Ofie These pictures are beautiful! -ofie(07.22.2009 05:06pm)
  • Tracy Ugai Awww These are so Cute, and Creative! Love them!(07.27.2009 07:20pm)

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…for a photo! This is always the case when photographing toddlers :)


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…so is her smile! A perfect sunny day in Orange County really made for an awesome photo session! This sweet little baby girl just celebrated her first birthday!  A major milestone :) What better way to celebrate this special time than with a photo shoot?! Our little model did an awesome job!

A total natural in front of the camera! I love her look above – so adorably pensive. Probably wondering what I’m doing standing on a stepstool (I bring one with me to every shoot because I’m not the tallest person you’ll meet!) –yet still looking so incredibly sweet & pretty.

Baby girl’s beautiful blue eyes are just stunning on camera…and those eye lashes – if only mine were like that!

The apple does not fall very far from the tree. Gorgeous baby–gorgeous parents, too.

  • Klaus Schneidermann She is just too beautiful!-Pop's(07.20.2009 12:26am)

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I’m behind on going through new session images and posting sneak peaks-sorry about the delay! But they will be coming soon! In the mean time, here are some faves of mine from a client Coffee Table book I’m working on…Now only if this toasty Los Angeles heat would cool down a bit so that I can sit outside with my laptop instead of being stuck inside with the a/c running!

This was such a fun photo session.  This little guy has the cutest features – those eyes…and those lips – so perfectly pouty and pink.  The Los Angeles weather was just perfect for a dip in a bubble bath!

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It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I photographed this beauty. Although she’s changed in many ways -she’s still as pretty as she was when she was a teeny one-with absolutely amazing eyes…as you can see

  • Helen The photo's are fab, i can not believe how much Anabel has grown, there amazing.(08.21.2010 12:15pm)
  • Helen Anabel is so beautiful, they have really captured her well.(08.21.2010 12:16pm)

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…a week past his due date, but absolutely worth the wait! Sweet baby Noah…comfy and cozy – taking a snooze on a warm sunny day.

  • Doug Stewart really great photos, very pleasing, and they capture the lovely essence of babyhood(07.04.2009 06:30pm)
  • Oscar & Gloria Lemus Noah looks so cute and he is a very lucky boy. Congrats to the new parents 10X(07.05.2009 04:21pm)
  • Charles and Nicole Lancaster Congrats Heather and Juan Noah is adorable. The pictures turned out great. We can't wait to see our new little nephew.(07.06.2009 05:57am)
  • Nicole Simpkins Great pix! He's just adorable. I'm so jealous I didn't do this when my kids were babies. Can't wait to meet him!(07.06.2009 05:34pm)
  • Victor & Suzette Lopez I want this photographer to take pictures of our baby boy in November. By the way "de quien son las manos de chango?"(07.06.2009 11:51pm)
  • Kim Baker Absolutely adorable! Really precious capturing the essence of the moment and this beautiful new life...(07.07.2009 01:41am)
  • shellysimpkins Awesome photos! My little grandson is so cute and love the way the photographer captured his innocence(07.07.2009 05:05am)
  • Luis What a cute baby! Awesome photos...(07.07.2009 02:11pm)
  • Linda Melo Welcome to the world and to the family ...little Noah...........I love the basket photo and the one with the little hat and face in daddy's hands.... love Linda(07.07.2009 04:28pm)
  • Suzy The photos of baby Noah are precious. Congrats to the parents.(07.07.2009 04:42pm)
  • Heather Lawrence What a handsome little man you two brought into the world! I can't wait to meet him! The pictures are absolutely adorable. Congratulations!!(07.07.2009 08:49pm)
  • Deanne Suwa Congratulations Alemans on your new addition! Noah is a cutie =)(07.07.2009 09:04pm)
  • Peter What a cute baby! I can not believe how awesome these photos turned out!(07.08.2009 02:44am)
  • Nicole Oliveri You have a very good looking son he's so cute. The pictures are awesome!!(07.08.2009 03:28pm)
  • Michael Oliveri What a beautiful baby boy! I like the last photo the best (the one with Mom & Dad’s hands)Congratulations to both of you.(07.08.2009 04:00pm)
  • David DeWitt beautiful(07.09.2009 06:27am)
  • Lori Provost This is a great picture! I love how it shows the bonding between parent and child.(07.09.2009 07:11pm)
  • Michelle Flores I love these pictures. He is so precious. Congratulations.(07.10.2009 06:40am)
  • Natalie and Brent Noah is very cute! I wish we were there to meet him. Congratulations to Heather and Juan. We love you guys!(07.13.2009 01:01am)
  • Aleman Family Congratulations... new proud parents. Noah welcome to the family. The photos look terrific. We love you Juan & Heather & Noah.(07.17.2009 06:02pm)
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