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Thanks for stopping by! Blueberry Sky Photography {BSP} is a fresh & modern on-location photography boutique. We specialize in birth photography, newborn, baby + family photography as well as maternity photography! As you'll notice while browsing through our images, the BSP style is light-hearted and fun with modern and spunky twist. Since we shoot on-location, we travel all over Los Angeles, Orange County & to the San Fernando Valley. Thanks again for visiting! We hope to hear from you soon!
sneak peek

Her cuteness makes me ache.  When I photographed her as a newborn, I knew she was going to be adorable – but geez, she is just sooo darn cute! She has the perfect little cheeks…and such beautiful eyes. She’s definitely going to be a knockout when she grows up.

Here are the eyes I’m talking about – so pretty.

Daddy’s little girl…sitting pretty in a big comfy chair.

It was great seeing you again! I had a great time…and Hana is just amazing :)

  • Johanna Riggle Segesser Wow! Hana looks so beautiful! These shots are amazing! I loved the first round,but these just insane! Please email me so we can talk about setting up a session for my 13 month old, Jack. Seriously.(08.31.2009 06:48pm)
  • Anna Oh my! She is such a beauty! The colors are so vibrant - I just love the black tutu and red flower in her hair...These images are amazing!(09.01.2009 03:37pm)
  • Jennifer Tan Thanks, Julie! It was so nice seeing you again. Hana loved you so much - I can't imagine any other photographer who is so talented/artistic and also is so great with babies!(09.02.2009 03:18am)

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A squishy little newborn is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. How cute is this sweet little girl here?! All warm, snuggly and extremely squishy! Awww, so adorable.

Precious little hands…

…and baby makes three :)

A perfectly pink pout and yummy newborn toes.

Aren’t these just the cutest little piggies?

  • Crystal The pictures look great! We can't wait to see the rest of them! Thank you so much, it was great working with you today!(08.27.2009 11:29pm)

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I’ve been receiving lots of emails from photographers asking about my little newborn and baby beanies…and wondering if I make them – I don’t. I once tried to make a scarf and it was pretty funny – but a disaster. One end of the scarf ended up way too narrow and it looked like one leg of a tapered pair of jeans from the 80′s – I have no crochet or knitting skills. at all.  It’s fun, but the outcome is never good. So, I get ALL of my stuff from Etsy. It’s an awesome place to buy all things handmade from amazingly talented artists. BUY HANDMADE!! It’s so much better than going to big, stale, boring stores-yuck! Plus, everything you get is one-of-a-kind!

Also, I do offer gift certificates for photo sessions. These are awesome gifts for family/friends and baby showers! The gift certificates come boxed and pretty – all ready to go.

Last, you’ll soon be enjoying some new tunes on my site by Renee & Jeremy. An amazing duo! They create beautiful melodies that really tug at your heart strings (when I listen to them while looking at my son, I get teary eyed).  Press play below while browsing my blog  :) When I figure out how to add music to my blog without making it slow as molasses, I shall!

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I have a deeper appreciation for the sweetness of newborns every time I have the opportunity to photograph them with their older siblings. Isn’t it just amazing how fast our babies grow up? From tiny newborn to a spunky toddler – my, how they change right before our eyes….which is why I just loove, loove newborn sessions…

freezing their smallness in time…

A little yawn…so comfortable in the arms of his mommy.

…and here’s big brother and daddy. The connection between them was so lovely.

Big baby and little baby – sleeping, so peacefully. I adore this image.

This was a fantastic session. Baby boy was so very cooperative with all of the movement. What a great session…and wonderful family…more to come from this awesome session!

  • Bernd What a lovely baby! These are wonderful pictures of the new family member and the whole family!(08.24.2009 03:11am)
  • Lucie Wow! I'm soooooooooooooooooo proud of my new nephew and his family - he's really cute! Impatiently waiting for more pictures!(08.24.2009 07:34am)
  • Corina OH... so BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope to see him soon! ^__^(08.25.2009 04:08am)
  • Anita First precious moments of baby with his new family captured wonderfully. Simply adorable! Look forward to seeing more photos of this cute family. =0)(08.25.2009 07:19am)
  • Hellen Raney Kathrynn, Thank you for sharing the these wonderful photos of your family. Great family. rgds, Hellen(08.25.2009 03:33pm)
  • Katelyn Aw....how precious! I love the pic of the 2 boys sleeping...so peaceful. XOXO(08.25.2009 11:32pm)
  • Branden Smith That first photo should be a "greeting card!" SUCH BEAUTIFUL photographs! I wonder if you could make me look 1/10th as cute? ; ) ...Next time I have a baby, I'm hiring you!(08.26.2009 12:08am)
  • Linda These are such beautiful pictures of my grandsons!(08.27.2009 10:59pm)
  • Re'ne These are awesome pictures of Nico and Julian and of course of mommy & daddy too :-) Can't wait to meet Julian and to get more pictures.(08.28.2009 05:31pm)
  • Rosamond What wonderful pictures!! I can't wait to see the rest of them.(08.29.2009 01:55am)
  • Petra Congatulations on your adorable babyboy! I love the photo of the siblings sleeping tight. Great pictures!(08.30.2009 10:36am)
  • Elke und Wilhelm Henke We are so happy to see the wonderful pictures of Julian Ming-Jing - our sixth grandchild! We're looking forward to meet him, his brother and parents soon. - grandma and grandpa from germany(08.30.2009 03:03pm)
  • Christian Cute Fotographs. Looking forward to see Julian in reality! "Uncle Christian" from Germany(08.30.2009 08:14pm)
  • Tristan All newborns look the same to me, but these photos sure are nice ;) Now I got two nephews to spoil, looking forward to taking them out for ice cream.(09.01.2009 04:51am)
  • Claas This was the most relaxed photo session I've ever been a part of. I would never have thought that both kids would end up napping... - And the pictures look beautiful! The most amazing thing to me is that all these photos were taken with natural light in our house. Thanks Julie!(09.01.2009 05:07am)

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Yay! They both found me interesting enough to look at me at the same time!!!! In high school, I had a super short hair do and it was purple…maybe I should go for it again? I think kids would love to look at me with hair like that! Hmmmmm.

Anyway – THIS shot made my day!!!

Such a pretty nursery. I’m always impressed by clients’ design skills. I have no interior design skills. at all.

I wish my son’s nursery was this cute…

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This has got to be one of my all time favorite baby and daddy images.  The way daddy’s holding little Sam with such love and Sam’s sweet smile…this one makes my heart sing…More to come from this session :)

  • Christa This is such a beautiful picture!! I love it. Ben and Sammy, so precious.(08.19.2009 12:43am)
  • Shannon (Mommy) I LOVE this, I love my boys and this picture is just perfect. Thank you!(08.19.2009 01:00am)
  • Kim Pratt This image is so precious! Sam is so completely comfortable and happy in his daddy's hand. Does Sam look like Daddy or what? love this photo(08.19.2009 01:16am)
  • Gary Beardslee Sam looks so happy in Daddy's arms. You both make your me so proud and happy. Grandpa G.(08.19.2009 01:48am)
  • Rhonda Buchanan A miracle, a gift, and a beautiful picture of a Fathers love.(08.19.2009 04:00am)
  • Anna What a peaceful moment between a father and his son...this is a beautiful picture of Ben and Sam!(08.19.2009 04:20am)
  • Debbie Sorry I missed you and getting to see your precious little one. You were getting ready to take your pictures. Sam is adorable, glad you posted this great picture so we could see. Thanks!!!(08.19.2009 04:30am)
  • Lea White What a precious family you have made! Enjoy every moment, they are all as precious as this!(08.19.2009 04:31am)
  • Ben (daddy) Isn't my boy handsome?!!(08.19.2009 06:01am)
  • Kerissa Davis This picture is perfect! So precious...I love the smile on Sam's face he's adorable(08.19.2009 06:35am)
  • BB Oh my. What a lovely photograph of two beautiful subjects.(08.19.2009 12:50pm)
  • Sandy Bakken Precious and beautiful.......it took my breath away! It looks like a first place winner in a photo contest to me!!!!(08.19.2009 02:45pm)
  • Nicole So cute! Great daddy and son moment :)(08.19.2009 03:42pm)
  • Kristen Royle WOW! My nephew is so stinkin cute I just love him so much. What a beautiful moment with Daddy!(08.19.2009 04:15pm)
  • ASHLEY YOUNGER Love is a soft touch an the comfort of a fathers arm <3(08.19.2009 07:51pm)
  • Mike He looks very content in the arms of his father; happy and peaceful. The resemblence between Ben and Sam is uncanny. Very nice picture, they did an amazing job of capturing a very special moment. I am so happy for Shannon and Ben and the family.(08.19.2009 07:53pm)
  • REBECCA YOUNGER 50% MOM, 50% DAD, 100% PERFECT!!!(08.19.2009 08:16pm)
  • Nancy Primmer It doesn't get any better than this. Could anyone ask for more than this ? It's perfection and priceless. I am so happy for Ben and Shannon and for Sam to have such great parents. Nancy Primmer(08.20.2009 02:30am)
  • Flowers Family This is a gorgeous image...congratulations to the Three Beardslees!(08.24.2009 08:55pm)

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…is all that I can say! These girls are so adorable, they just make me giggle :)

More to come!

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When mommy shared her unforgettable birth story with me – it was a definite reminder of how precious a new life really is – and how spectacular the miracle of birth is. Kudos to mommy for enduring such an unforgettably trying labor and delivery. We can all agree though that the end result is just beautiful, awesome & perfect – all rolled into one – here he is…welcome baby!

Tiny toes and a sweet sleep smile to brighten up your day!

We got the shot! After a *bit* of a mess and a wonderfully patient daddy – we captured a beautiful moment of the ENTIRE family! The dogs seemed to know right when to look at the camera, too. Thanks daddy for being such a trooper! And thank you to grandma for the help! I can’t wait to show you the color version, you can see  F & L’s beautiful light brown markings so well :)

  • A birth to remember (Los Angeles Newborn Photography) [...] Original post:  A birth to remember (Los Angeles Newborn Photography) [...] (08.19.2009 05:58am)
  • Shelly Gee What a beautiful baby boy!!!! Congrats!!! I absolutely love the spectacular pictures!!!!!! I wish all of you the best. w/love, your cousin; Shelly(08.31.2009 05:41pm)

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Hello, blue-eyed beauty! It’s no wonder why this image is one of mommy’s favorites (it’s one of my faves, too!)

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…to keep them this way forever.  What makes a photo so special is how it can take you on a trip back in time to that very moment it was taken. Remembering how small, sweet and precious our little ones were – and how years past seem like just yesterday…I just love these images – sleeping shots of toddlers are just as beautiful as newborns…

Always, always, always a baby to momma and dada.

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