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sneak peek

When I saw little man’s Santa hat (at the end of this post), I thought to myself “Right! Christmas is right around the corner!” It seriously feels like only a few months has gone by since last Christmas. In fact, I just recently put away the Christmas tree food that’s been sitting on my kitchen counter for *gasp*, almost a year! At any rate, I llllove the holidays…and I love holiday sessions because I get to see families again for photos. And most importantly, I get to see how much the wee ones have grown. Am I lucky? Absolutely. I adore, adore, adore my job. Ho, Ho, Ho, everyone! Time to start holiday shopping :) Oooh, and Christmas tree shopping. Yay! Now on to photos of this sweet family…how cute are they?!

  • Creig Love the photos. Everyone looks great! Can't wait to see more of the kids. The photographer really knows how to capture their personality and emotion.(10.28.2010 12:12am)
  • Hilary Love the smiles on the children! Too precious!(10.28.2010 12:17am)
  • Diana Jou Oh such beautiful shots! Love Leina's haircut and Anara is really blossoming! Milo is starting to look like his mama - a lot! Just lovely...(10.28.2010 08:08am)
  • Pablito Leina, Anara and Milo look totally adorable. Congratulations to the parents!(10.28.2010 06:29pm)
  • Erin ohhh so cute!!! I love Leina's new hair hehe. Wow, Milo is growing up so fast!!! The photos are so great!(10.28.2010 06:41pm)
  • Jody Omg, Kelly & Eva- I love all of these! They look adorable, and I just want to squeeze Milo. That shot in the bucket is too cute. Great shots!(10.28.2010 06:51pm)
  • Carole Duncan OMG these are the best pictures ever, they are all so cute!! Leina and Anara are so cute and growing up so fast. And Milo in the bucket too cute!! LOVE the girls on the bed, darling.(10.28.2010 07:04pm)
  • Maya Cute pics!!(10.31.2010 11:24am)
  • Julie What cute pictures!(10.31.2010 12:04pm)
  • Jenn Such great pictures! What a cute family!(10.31.2010 06:36pm)
  • TIno Super cute photos.(10.31.2010 10:00pm)
  • sfederico the girls are absolutely adorable! and milo in the bucket ... sweet!(11.01.2010 09:16am)
  • James OMG - so cute. I was going to say which ones were my favorite, but I can't decide(11.01.2010 10:47am)
  • Kelly The kids have never looked cuter!(11.02.2010 10:56pm)
  • Janice These are fantastic! What gorgeous kiddies!(11.08.2010 08:39pm)
  • Leslie These pictures are great. The kids are so darn cute!(11.09.2010 05:23am)
  • Charlene Gorgeous pictures of the girls and milo!! by the way eva, i love your new hair look!(11.09.2010 05:34am)
  • shannon rakestraw eva- milo is too cute!!! love the santa hat !!!!!(11.09.2010 05:41am)
  • Rich The kid pics are awesome.(11.09.2010 10:18am)
  • anne love love love these photos!!(11.09.2010 11:04am)
  • bob Great pics! keep them coming!(11.09.2010 11:07am)
  • Marie Wu Fusaro Love the photos...they're precious!(11.09.2010 12:17pm)
  • meg OMG too flippin cute!!(11.09.2010 01:02pm)
  • Marjorie Bell Beautiful photos, Richard. Your kids are adorable.... You all could be in the movies!(11.09.2010 07:58pm)
  • chris young Love the pics, and the fact my comments contribute to your ultimate prize, i feel i have done my part! Yes, prize prize prize!(11.11.2010 12:08pm)

open post

of real family life!  Being a mother of one myself, I often find that I’m scatterbrained and running around every day chasing my boy all over the place….I can only imagine how fast paced things must be with three little ones! So in case anyone’s curious, here’s a daily dose of some real family life. Ingredients include: Cool/calm/collected mommy and daddy duo, a sweet and sassy 3 year old, an energetic and extremely fast 4 year old…and an adorably cute and cuddly 1 year old. Family sessions like this one take on a life of their own. I typically offer some direction, but always take the kids’ lead in the end. It’s so much fun letting events unfold naturally…because I get images that are real…and completely special and unique to the family and their one of a kind dynamics. Yes, I always try to get a handful of “everyone looking at the camera” images…and sitting down/staying *relatively* still shots….BUT, my favorites are of moments when the kids are being kids! Running, jumping, having fun!!! Family sessions are fast, hilarious, and involve lots of movement…and very little posing. Here are some of my faves!

The last image here pretty much sums up how the session went. Lots of jumping, laughing, kids just being kids…and guess what — with the help of a few dum dums, we ended up getting what I like to call,  ”the” shot (one with everyone looking at me)! Woohoo :)

  • Sandra Thank you so much Julie. The kids loved playing with you and had a ton of fun. We can't wait to see the rest! :)(10.25.2010 07:02am)
  • Li Beautiful work.(10.25.2010 07:33am)
  • Tammy These pictures are PRICELESS! I love Ryan's solo picture, soo adorable.(10.25.2010 08:46am)
  • Kelly What wonderful pix and the kids look so happy!!! My favorite one is the B&W of you holding Ryan sitting with Jon on grass with Kaitlyn and Matt running to you. Priceless !(10.25.2010 09:00am)
  • Nelson Wu Nice Pics!(10.25.2010 09:01am)
  • Terry Beautiful pictures!!!(10.25.2010 09:17am)
  • Niki N. Love love love them!!!(10.25.2010 09:34am)
  • Jean love the candid shots!! everyone looks so happy-go-lucky!!! :)(10.25.2010 10:01am)
  • Bryan Great pictures of the family!!(10.25.2010 10:03am)
  • J Remy Awesome pics! I want to jump on a bed now.(10.25.2010 10:27am)
  • Leanne The pictures are just lovely! They capture the fun-loving spirit of the beautiful Nakagawa family! Nice work!(10.25.2010 10:46am)
  • George Very Nice!(10.25.2010 10:53am)
  • Carrie - Grandma Of course every grandmother thinks their grandchildren are adorable...but really....aren't my grandchildren beautiful??? Jon and Sandra aren't too shabby themselves! Great pictures capturing the moment.(10.25.2010 11:27am)
  • Remy So cute! Love the pics Sandra and Jon and it looks like you guys had fun.(10.25.2010 05:00pm)
  • Jon thanks julie. the pictures turned out great! can't wait to see the rest of them.(10.25.2010 06:11pm)
  • Grace The colors are beautiful. Love your work.(10.25.2010 06:21pm)
  • Sam They look like they're having so much fun.(10.26.2010 07:00am)
  • Kath Kids are so cute! Pictures are beautiful.(10.26.2010 08:05am)
  • Dave Awesome!(10.27.2010 07:30am)
  • May I love the candid shots! Beautifully captures the moment.(10.27.2010 03:37pm)
  • Christine Sooooooo cute! P.S. Can I trade bedrooms? (#20)(10.27.2010 05:21pm)
  • Jen Love it....especially the one of R in his diapers.(10.28.2010 02:31pm)
  • Arnold Beautiful pics, guys! Looks like all the kids had a blast!(10.29.2010 08:24pm)

open post

…mama to be is hot! Lookin’ fierce in her third trimester – very saucy and pretty as can be. She’s spunky, energetic, upbeat and positive — just the type of person I love to hang out with! We got along so, so well — it was as if we’ve known each other for years :) Though it was cloudy on the morning of our photo shoot, mommy and daddy to be brought enough fire to keep warm (how cute and in love are they?!) Plus, just look at Bruno, their first baby – he is seriously the sweetest doggie ever! He’s going to be a wonderful big  brother to buttercup. I’m so excited to meet her in a little under a month (or sooner!)

  • Billette Looks SUPER!!!The picture where all are lying on the grass is my favorite!(10.20.2010 05:19pm)
  • Vanessa Oh my goodness!! These are the most AMAZING photos of all time!! OHMG!! I am sooo moved. WOW....we just couldn't be more happy for you. What a lifetime treasure these photos will be for your family. Congrats you guys...we love you!!(10.21.2010 11:23am)
  • Elizabeth Love, love, love the pictures! I especially like the resting on the grass shot. Can't wait to see what you'll do with Buttercup. I'm definitely ordering.(10.25.2010 11:54am)
  • Catherine The pictures came out AMAZING!!! We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you, Julie for a wonderful morning at the beach and for capturing the moments so well. We can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!(10.26.2010 01:12am)
  • Lisa Catherine, The photos are amazing; what a great showcase of your family and of SoCal! I can't wait to see the baby photos after Buttercup arrives! Love and Miss you! Lisa(10.28.2010 04:08pm)
  • Carolina Catherine, These pictures are sooooooooo beautiful. They are so unique and really capture you and martine, bruno, and buttercup. The picture of you three lying down was amazing but frankly there is not one bad picture in this bunch. KUDOS to the photographer! Carolina(11.25.2010 05:50pm)
  • Debra Talk about fire! You three lit it up for her! I love the shots. The are all just perfect and really capture the beautiful 8 months the three of you enjoyed awaiting the arrival of the 'lady of the hour!' I really love how the photographer made Daddy a part of the shoot as well and not limit it to Mommy and baby alone. They really are beautiful and something that you can really appreciate for years to come. Oh, and did I say I WILL be ordering! Love you guys!(12.09.2010 09:57am)

open post

After her maternity session, it became pretty clear to me that their baby was going to be a cutie pie. And boy, did I hit the nail right on the head! He looks just like mommy – with daddy’s big brown eyes…what a perfect combination. He wasn’t very into the idea of sleeping (unless being in mommy or daddy’s arms of course). Sooo, naturally, we ended up with a lot of images of him….well…being held! And there’s nothing wrong with that :) My son was the same way. I literally wore him in a sling around the clock, all day, every day — for the first 3 months of his life! Here’s the lovely family (and P.S. – don’t you love the nursery? My clients seem to have the best interior design skills ever – so inspiring lately that I’ve been redecorating my house like mad — good for Crate & Barrel + West Elm, bad for my wallet).

  • Isabel Vasquez (Grandma) The most beautiful baby ever!! The pictures are beautiful!! Great job, Julie!! :)(10.14.2010 10:29am)
  • Regulo Araujo What a beautiful family! I love the first picture, but my favorite one is the one with the three tennis racquets (very symbolic). Awesome photos and excellent photographer, congratulations!(10.14.2010 10:41am)
  • Hilda Landa Victor y Erika....los felicito por tan hermoso bebe... las fotos estan espectaculares...Reciban un besote....Hilda(10.14.2010 10:44am)
  • Maria E. Araujo The name couldn't be so perfect, I thought my Cocoliso will be the most beautiful baby in the whole universe. The pictures are so precious, please congratulate the photographer.(10.14.2010 10:51am)
  • Jo Knorr May God bless all three of you with love and joy and love for one another. I will try to keep the grandmother from going completely crazy when she sees these pictures - but I really do not blame her. This baby is so angelic and so awake!! These are great pictures!!(10.14.2010 10:57am)
  • Danielle box I LOVE these pictures Erika!! I want some when my Blake is born. You MUST give me the number. Just a couple things-- you look AMAZING!!! Lukas is fricken the cutest thing ever and I LOVE the pictures of Lukas and Victor!!! =)(10.14.2010 11:11am)
  • Uncle Kev Great pics! U guys look great. Please have this photographer move in with you guys. Why isn't there a pic with Lukas & a soccer ball??? Love you guys!(10.14.2010 11:13am)
  • laura cacao Adorable guys......the photos r memorable. Love u guys xoxo!(10.14.2010 11:15am)
  • Cynthia You are a gorgeous mommy. My favorite is the one of both of you admiring your beautiful baby boy.(10.14.2010 11:24am)
  • Catherine Montilva What a gorgeous family!!! I love these pictures, absolutely beautiful!!!!!(10.14.2010 11:25am)
  • Erin Great pictures! Erika you look amazing! oh, and the baby looks adorable!(10.14.2010 11:26am)
  • April Vargas the pictures are amazing but that is easy when you have a gorgeous child.(10.14.2010 11:31am)
  • Alia M Lukas is a beautiful, beautiful boy!! I couldn't be happier for your little family! There are so many memories yet to be made... enjoy them all. Great Photos!(10.14.2010 11:36am)
  • Heang What an adorable family! Lukas has the cutest little face!(10.14.2010 01:03pm)
  • Nicki Hernandez Wow!!! What a beautiful crowd :). Lukas is so adorable, and Erika-- you look gorgeous!! I love the shot of the three of you. And I love your nursery... Beautiful taste! xoxo.(10.14.2010 01:05pm)
  • Javier (Chivo) El panita Lukas se ve que esta a gusto!!! La foto de las raquetas de tennis es lo maximo... Que dios lo cuide y que ustedes le den una vida feliz juntos. Definitivamente me alegro mucho por ustedes porque estoy seguro que seran unos padres excepcionales.(10.14.2010 01:25pm)
  • Erica Urrutia Motherhood suits you well friend, you are glowing! Lukas is absolutely ADORABLE. Sooo happy for you & your gorgeous family. Enjoy every second with your little one! xoxoxoxox(10.14.2010 01:43pm)
  • Samy Such a beautiful baby boy!! The pictures turned out very nicely.(10.14.2010 01:43pm)
  • Christina Greene Love the photos Erika! My fav is the very first one with all three of you. Your family is so beautiful!(10.14.2010 02:14pm)
  • helen wolf Las fotos mas lindas del mundo. Felicidades a los papas!(10.14.2010 02:20pm)
  • Natalie So precious!! You all look amazing...can't wait to spend time with baby Lukas!! :) Love his soon to be favorite auntie, Natalie ;)(10.14.2010 02:27pm)
  • Tia Tosh Such amazing photos!! I love love love them!! You three look beautiful. Love my Lukas!!(10.14.2010 02:49pm)
  • Martha and Philip The pictures are amazing but u need amazing people to complete that perfect picture! Lots of blessings and health to you all! We love you lots xxxxxoooooo(10.14.2010 02:58pm)
  • Martha and Philip The pictures are amazing but u need amazing people to complete that perfect picture! Lots of blessings and health to you all! We love you lots xxxxxooooooO(10.14.2010 03:03pm)
  • Victor Thanks for everything July! Loved the pictures!!! The one with the racquets came out better than I had expected, not a bad idea after all huh?(10.14.2010 03:11pm)
  • Victor OOOps!!! I meant JULIE :)(10.14.2010 03:15pm)
  • fabini absolutely beautiful pics. the kid is going to be a player just like the father. lol.(10.14.2010 03:21pm)
  • Marianella Araujo Las fotos son muy tiernas. Lukas esta bellisimo. Muchas felicidades!!!(10.14.2010 03:27pm)
  • Jaime & Mafer Los Felicitamos esta maravilloso ese bebe... las fotos estan preciosos.. estamos locos por conocer a Lukas... otra vez FELICITACIONES(10.14.2010 04:06pm)
  • helen w Las fotos mas hermosas del mundo. Felicidades a los papas!(10.14.2010 04:50pm)
  • Victor Sr. Lovely pictures. Great job from the photographer(10.14.2010 05:51pm)
  • Jaime Victor & Erika, congrats on your new baby boy! the pictures are amazing.. all the best and many blessings!! Love, Capt Jaime(10.14.2010 07:06pm)
  • Christina Such beautiful pictures. But how can they not be with such beautiful subjects. :) I am so happy for you! And I want you to come decorate my house!(10.14.2010 09:45pm)
  • Chael Felicidades Familia!! Que buenas fotos!! Lukas ya lo veo Blau Grana!! Ensenenle bien desde temprano! ajaja Me alegra mucho verlos tan felices! Les deseo mucha saludo y aun mas felicidad! Espero verlos pronto... a ver si me da chance al fin de ir para alla! Blessings VISCA LUKAS!!!(10.15.2010 06:46am)
  • Andrea The pictures are beautiful! The three of you look great and Lukas is adorable.(10.15.2010 05:41pm)
  • Tia Mad Great pictures look like they belong in a magazine. The kid has a better room then i do...LOL However i agree with KO thought he would have a pic with a soccer ball as well...Take Care love you(10.18.2010 09:49am)
  • Cousin Tam LOVE IT!(10.18.2010 09:53pm)
  • Cousin Tam LOVE THE PICS!! They are so precious!!! xoxo(10.18.2010 09:53pm)

open post

…..with his mama! This sweet baby boy was just smmmiitten with his mommy – especially when she sang songs for him. I’m pretty sure it was the sound of her voice and loving smile that made him coo and giggle like he did. It was seriously the cutest sight to see when he giggled and drooled with excitement! And just look at his big brown eyes – so adorable….and some majorly awesome hair! Lots lots more images I loved from this session…here are just a few:

  • Jeannie Vincent (and mom & dad, of course) look adorable! Love the shot of him in blue shirt.(10.12.2010 09:30am)
  • Lily This is just too cute. Love all the pictures. He is so adorable(10.12.2010 09:30am)
  • Charlie Samson Hi Charmie: These photos are AMAZING! The pictures are so crisp and the colors so vibrant! You are such an adorable family! Charlie xoxo(10.12.2010 09:39am)
  • Belinda Torres Soooooo cute but of course it would be with such a cute family!!(10.12.2010 09:45am)
  • Chris Vitug Oh my gooodness....what a beautiful family!!! My Vincent is SOOOOOO cute!!!!(10.12.2010 09:54am)
  • Jen Love these pictures. Vincent is growing up so fast. Thanks for sharing.(10.12.2010 10:14am)
  • Bernadette Buenaventura Love these pictures of your beautiful family! Vinh is just the most adorable baby. He is GOOOrgeous! His eyes are glowing! May i bite his rolls? Love 'em layers!(10.12.2010 10:27am)
  • Kathy Absolutely beautiful photos! Vincent is soooooo cute! What a gorgeous family!(10.12.2010 10:42am)
  • Yvette These pictures are amazing! I love them! Vincent is adorable. Beautiful family!(10.12.2010 10:50am)
  • Fatima Man Great family pictures Charmie! Can't wait to see more. Vincent is so cute and I love his hair.(10.12.2010 11:15am)
  • Joyce, Maddox & Wookie OMG! way tooo cute!! Vincent is soooo BIG...I love his rolls. Beautiful family pics!(10.12.2010 12:21pm)
  • Hung Haha! Cute... I like the shot of him looking up to the side.(10.12.2010 03:07pm)
  • Thao Mach You guys look fabulous.... Of course, Vincent steals the show with his adorable smile.(10.12.2010 05:40pm)
  • Benilda Blue is definitely Vincent's color. So adorable!(10.12.2010 05:58pm)
  • Nini Donado aawwwwww my baby cousin is sooooo cute! DANG i wish i can take pictures like these! and very very cute family :) i like the one where Vincent is in blue, looking away from the camera.can't wait for the rest of them!(10.12.2010 07:24pm)
  • Quyen Very cute. Love the block letters in the pic with him!(10.12.2010 07:54pm)
  • cora agaton He look's just like you Charmie! big beautiful eyes..very handsome boy.(10.12.2010 08:58pm)
  • Karen gorgeous gorgeous baby!! He needs to be on the cover of something.(10.12.2010 10:25pm)
  • Tina Oh my word, this is cuh--raaa-ziness!!! It's like that cute overload site, but for people!! Charmie (there's a time and place for doofy nicknames, and this ain't it), you an your family are gorgeous, and I love seeing how happy you all are. Hi, Truong! Hey there, cutie pie Vincent!!!(10.12.2010 10:46pm)
  • dawn Beautiful family shots... love all the photos settings. Vicent is getting so big... so adorable.(10.12.2010 11:28pm)
  • John & Rosie What a cutie pie! Beautiful pictures.(10.12.2010 11:31pm)
  • Caroline B Torres How precious Vin is...he is so handsome that's my godson. You are a beautiful family!!!(10.13.2010 08:02am)
  • amy TURTLEE <3 So adorable!!!!(10.13.2010 08:59am)
  • Chaun Vincent is so daggone cute! He really needs to be in commercials! He has that Aries charm already! lol Gorgeous family!(10.13.2010 09:35am)
  • Chazmine Donado Sooo cute! I love the family pictures! VINH you are so adorable! I love him in the blue shirt, I think it's everyones favorite :) look at his thighs! I love it! Such a beautiful family!!! Love u all!(10.13.2010 10:15am)
  • Thai What a beautiful kid and a lovely family.(10.13.2010 10:19am)
  • Stephanie D Cute pictures! I love the one with him in his blue shirt and looking up. He has that twinkle in his eyes. I can see him asking you when he's grown up... "Mommy... why did you take a picture of my naked bottom?" Hahaha...(10.13.2010 10:57am)
  • Vanessa Buenaventura He's BEAUTIFUL!(10.13.2010 11:45am)
  • Linh Truong Beautiful pics of your family. Vincent is handsome. Hope to see u guys soon!(10.13.2010 12:31pm)
  • Celeste Vincent is sooo adorable. You guys all look great!(10.13.2010 12:55pm)
  • Joan beautiful family!! love these pics!!(10.13.2010 02:26pm)
  • Marilou Toooo Cute!!! Thanks for sharing, love the pictures!!!(10.13.2010 03:08pm)
  • Celso Just simply....ADORABLE What a happy family! Hugs to Vincent!(10.13.2010 10:45pm)
  • Jo Oh my!! he's so cute!!! love it!!!(10.14.2010 12:12am)
  • marian carlos he is so adorable! cute! cute! soooooooooo cute! happy family.... love you guys!(10.14.2010 08:23pm)
  • Bibo Casal You have a very beautiful family!! Cute Vincent!!! Nice shots!!!(10.16.2010 03:44pm)
  • Mee Charmie and Truong - Vincent is absolutely the most beautiful little boy - WOW! Can't wait to meet him. You guys look good, too. xoxo Mee(10.19.2010 02:06pm)
  • Gigi Vincent is a QT!!! Beautiful pictures, adorable family... we're smitten!(10.20.2010 07:57am)

open post

The only ingredients needed are: One soft cushy surface that’s bouncy – and one willing participant. We had both of those – well, the latter after a little coaxing and some loud music…oh, and a funny dog with a dancing tail :)

Once our participant was willing and interested — she perfectly demonstrated the proper way to Bed Jump. So, on to Bed Jumping 101. First, listen to some music to get hyped up – don’t be afraid to clap your hands and sing. Second, brace yourself for the first push off….then JUMP! Next, get ready for the *seat plant*, brace yourself…stand back up and do it again! Oh how I wish I could do this all day long, too! How fun! My only fear is that if I tried it, I may break the bed :)

Clearly, a super sweet girl with a smile that was so so charming…but, her pout was just as cute :)

  • Grandpa Roush My grandchildren are only allowed to jump on hotel or motel beds, but never at home. It looks like fun. Love you all! Uncle Gus(10.11.2010 04:41pm)
  • Meredith Awww! She looks so cute!(10.11.2010 06:23pm)
  • Grandma Emma The alphabet song goes well with jumping 101...I'd be surprised that Ruby wasn't singing it while jumping....wonderful photos. luv grandma(10.11.2010 09:51pm)

open post

…to little miss for being a sleepy 3 week old! Often times, babies around 3 weeks are wide awake for photo sessions which means there’s a slim chance that I’d be able to get those adorabel sleepy poses. BUT, this baby girl surprised us all by falling asleep at just the right moments :) I guess it doesn’t matter whether she was asleep or not, because she is just as lovely awake (with her pretty blue eyes). A wonderful family – and lots of fun chasing big sister around — and playing lots of peek-a-boo!

  • Michelle Beautiful! Love mama and baby's blue eyes!(10.09.2010 10:36am)
  • Laurie Oh, my God! How tender How beautiful How inclusive of you all...Splash included I especially love the picture of Avery and her little sister,(10.09.2010 11:00am)
  • cyndi george SOOOO cute!! Thank you for sharing! I love them all! :). cyndi(10.09.2010 11:19am)
  • Pearl What a little angel!!!! She's perfect!(10.09.2010 11:26am)
  • KARI So Cute!!!!! Both your daughters are so beautiful!!!(10.09.2010 12:27pm)
  • Amy Love the pictures! What a sweet family. Looks like Avery loves her new little sister. :)(10.09.2010 02:09pm)
  • Chantel OMG!!! Love love love your pictures. Angelic face. Congrats! xo(10.09.2010 04:23pm)
  • Kat and Chris Beautiful as always! We love the Burks!(10.09.2010 07:33pm)
  • Charlie&Keri What a cutie! and those little lips when she is sleeping.(10.09.2010 07:47pm)
  • AJ Burk How sweet! Love all the pictures! Such a cute picture of Avery holding Addie!!(10.10.2010 07:54am)
  • Adele Uddo WOW, I'm sort of speechless... The last two pictures are so PRECIOUS! What a BEAUTIFUL family all around!!! Congratulations mama, papa and sister!! Love and blessings to you all xoxo(10.10.2010 12:05pm)
  • Avani Wow, everyone looks so happy and healthy. What a beautiful family and lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing!(10.10.2010 01:26pm)
  • Nancy Stantzos Pictures are beautiful. You all look so happy even Splash. Perfect family.(10.10.2010 03:11pm)
  • Papou John Fantastic pictures of a young beautiful family .(10.10.2010 03:19pm)
  • gina & maddy sooo cute! beautiful pics thanks for sharing =)(10.10.2010 08:29pm)
  • Karen W. Absolutely adorable! What beautiful little girls you have.(10.11.2010 03:09pm)
  • Sue Reese Stunning!! So perfect!(10.11.2010 04:51pm)
  • Nicole Scott She's just gorgeous! Already changing from when she was first born. Love the picture with her and Avery. xo(10.11.2010 05:37pm)
  • Trisha Gorgeous pictures! Your little angles are simply adorable. This photographer is amazing too! I am saving this site!(10.11.2010 10:59pm)
  • April Witting Beautiful Pictures!(10.13.2010 08:43am)
  • Stacey Wow..great pictures! Gorgeous kids, gorgeous parents. My favorite is with Splashes!! Love them all...hugs to the new parents.(10.13.2010 10:03am)
  • Paula Beatiful Tara! Both girls are so perfect and amazing!(10.18.2010 01:01pm)

open post

Wedding bells! It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the Wayfarer’s Chapel. That morning, the clouds were low in the sky  - filtering the sun light for some amazing blue skies. It’s rare that I photograph weddings, but this one was special…so I was more than a little excited to document this special time for such a wonderful family…here are just a few that stood out to me right away as I loaded them from my cards – I particularly love the father + daughter image :) I’m so so so looking forward to sharing the rest with you!

  • Melissa Shelton WOW! Julie, you are amazing! I love the pictures and can't wait to see the rest. Thank you so much for doing this for us. I am glad that you were there to capture our special day in a way that I know only you could. THANK YOU! (I owe you Portillo's.) Melissa (aka - the bride)(10.06.2010 06:15am)
  • THE CrazyGrandPa/FIL/Tom {{{{{{{{JULIE}}}}}}}} Wonderful pictures of a wonderful wedding taken by a wonderful girl, you got what it takes to take pictures! It was 'my' pleasure meeting you!! All the best, to the best!! Miss You!! Old T(10.06.2010 08:52am)
  • Mary Smith Wow! Gorgeous couple!! Beautiful pictures!! We are sooooo happy for you all!!! Congratulations and Best Wishes!! Love, Mary, Mike, Benton, Margaret and Betsy(10.06.2010 10:07am)
  • Susan Hallock These are amazing photos of an amazing family by an amazing photographer. We are so lucky. Thanks to Shelton family for sharing the day with us and thanks to Julie for yet another set of georgeous photos.(10.06.2010 10:57am)
  • Liz Atherton Fabulous pictures!! They really capture all the love in the family and the beauty of that very special day. Congratulations!!(10.06.2010 11:40am)
  • Gummy (Midori Mits) Breath taking beautiful photos of a gorgeous bride and family in a fairy tale setting! I was honored to be inclued in this magical setting. Well done again, Julie. Proud grandmother of the bride(10.06.2010 02:22pm)
  • auntie mindy these photos are really gorgeous! you definitely captured the beauty of wayfarers chapel and also of the bride, groom and family! love the one with ally and kevin! and i have never seen melissa look more lovely!!! (happiness and a great photographer must do that!)(10.06.2010 08:46pm)
  • Steven Smith WOW! These photos are AMAZING!!!(10.07.2010 02:56pm)
  • mike chirco Julie, fantastic pictures what an amazing chapel. Mel, you look stunning congrats to you and Kevin looks like it was a wonderful day.(10.07.2010 03:45pm)
  • Meloni Hallock Julie - Your photography has captured a beautiful wedding and made it a classic artistic masterpiece to be long remembered and treasured!(10.08.2010 11:16am)
  • Vicki Allosso Melissa - you looked absolutely beautiful. The chapel was gorgeous. Ally looked precious - so grown up. And Devin and Kevin looked very handsome.(10.22.2010 09:38am)
  • Marge Wolfe Everything was so special. The chapel and grounds were like a little bit of heaven and captured beautifully in the pictures. I was honored to be part of my very special grandson's wedding.(10.22.2010 09:47am)

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What can happen in 11 months? ALOT! Baby boy is chubby wubby, just adorable, and totally on the move (and about to celebrate his first birthday). It’s hard to believe that when I first met him, he was small enough to fit in my hands. Although some things change, many things remain the same….like his big, beautiful, soulful brown eyes that captivated me when he was only days old. And the spark, flame, love that mommy and daddy share – that is so totally obvious in photos – yes, even after baby, they’ve still got it!

  • Jessica Ah!!! Dominic looks adorable!!! He looks so grown up! Now its time for baby number 2 please!... Dominique?! :) LOVE YOU GUYS!(10.04.2010 11:08am)
  • Kathryn Gordon Wow! These pictures are amazing! Dom is so handsome and Mom & Dad look gorgeous. I love the locations your photographer chose.(10.04.2010 11:15am)
  • Angie I love the first picture of Dom and Brien - gorgeous! You are such a stylish family.(10.04.2010 11:21am)
  • Donna My nephew is so Adorable!!! These pictures are fantastic. I want to pinch those cheeks(10.04.2010 11:27am)
  • Victoria Absolutely beautiful.(10.04.2010 11:31am)
  • Kathleen These photos are fantastic! What a beautiful family.(10.04.2010 11:35am)
  • Cheryl Lacsina So cute! He's absolutely adorable- what a beautiful family! Love the pics!xo(10.04.2010 11:37am)
  • Mickey Wow.... really great shots. He's getting big fast! Sure hope to see you guys Thanksgiving if not Christmas!?(10.04.2010 12:19pm)
  • Jenifer longhofer What a beautiful family. Love the vibrant colors. Just gorgeous!(10.04.2010 12:24pm)
  • Megan Galloway Amazing photos :) Dom looks so cute you just want to squeeze him!(10.04.2010 12:55pm)
  • Erin Fox These are gorgeous. You and Brian look so lovely and Dom is just a munchkin!(10.04.2010 01:41pm)
  • Donna He is precious! What a beautiful family....(10.04.2010 03:14pm)
  • Megan Galloway Amazing photos! Dom looks so cute you just want to squeeze him :)(10.04.2010 03:20pm)
  • Shannon B Oh my gosh! I can't believe how big he is. His big brown eyes will melt anyone's heart!! These photos are amazing!!(10.04.2010 04:42pm)
  • Elizabeth Wright What a beautiful family! The pic's are fabulous! :)(10.04.2010 04:47pm)
  • Diane Such great photos! Dom is delicious. I love them all, but the one of him alone among the windows is awesome...but that look he gives peeking out from the both of you...that's quite a moment.(10.04.2010 08:32pm)
  • Akleema Hillis "Wow... amazing photos!" my grandson is growing up fast and happy as usual- beautiful family. Can't wait to see you all.. love mom(10.04.2010 08:35pm)
  • heather beltran What beautiful pictures! you are such a lovely family!!!!(10.04.2010 08:44pm)
  • Tania tully Hi guys! You all look so sharp and amazing! Love the pictures. It is going to be hard to choose! I can't wait to see you In person. Dom is absolutely adorable!(10.04.2010 08:47pm)
  • Sally Wow! He's grown so much since I last saw you both. I didn't think he could get any cuter! Such beautiful photos. :)(10.04.2010 08:59pm)
  • Nicole Cardwell What a beautiful family you are, your joy is evident! I can't believe sweet Dom-what a cutie pie(10.04.2010 10:24pm)
  • Stacey Adler I love them Nicole!!! He is such a handsome little gentleman :) And I love the stylish outfits. . .adorable!(10.04.2010 10:32pm)
  • Sarah All of these are absolutely beautiful.(10.04.2010 11:48pm)
  • dionne ali He is just so precious!(10.05.2010 05:22am)
  • Jessica Osborne I absolutely LOVE the pictures! You have such a beautiful family!!(10.05.2010 06:21am)
  • Cindy These photos are amazing... Dom looks so precious! What a handsome family!!!(10.05.2010 08:08pm)
  • Elaine & Joe Patermo Beautiful pictures. Our gorgeous grandson is as photogenic as his parents.(10.06.2010 05:52am)
  • Amy Thomas Nicole, He's beautiful!! Can't believe he's already one!!! You have a beautiful family! Looks like you are all doing well! Love you! Aim(10.06.2010 06:43am)
  • John What a cute and happy child! He has his mother's eyes. Excellent photography.(10.06.2010 06:51am)
  • Aunt Ro & Uncle Vince What a Beautiful baby you both must be bursting with pride. Brian you look just like your father in those pictures. Your wife is beautiful. Maybe someday you can come down so we can meet the family Love, Aunt Ro and Uncle Vince(10.06.2010 06:59am)
  • Leslie What a gorgeous family!! I have to meet Dominic soon...can't believe he's already about to be 1. He totally has your eyes....beautiful.(10.06.2010 07:37pm)
  • Michele Oudenne I LOVE these pics!!!!! Dom looks just like you did Brien when you were a baby. I can't believe it has almost been a year. We would love to meet Nicole and Dom. Hopefully the next time you come east! Love Cousin Michele(10.07.2010 08:54am)
  • Aniela I love these photos! Your photographer did a fantastic job capturing Dominic's special little "looks."(10.08.2010 12:00pm)
  • Shannon N My how the time flies! What an amazing photo album these pictures will make to always look back on.(10.11.2010 01:46pm)
  • Reek Pictures are beautiful. Dom is absolutely adorable. Nicole is a babe. But when did she marry Lyle Lovette???(10.12.2010 10:10am)
  • Matt Longhofer Wow, cool pics. Love the one where BP is helping him walk. Can't wait to see everyone over the holidays!(11.14.2010 07:13pm)

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Just like his big sister, he’s got such a beautiful complexion! Soft, fair and very delicate, this baby boy is just as handsome as can be at less than 10 days old. Is he not gorgeous?! And I’m not sure what’s going on, but perfect light seems to hover around them. With every session, the light is always devine…it amazes me. Sigh, I realllly love newborn sessions – with each family, I have a renewed sense of wonderment and awe of how precious newborns are – how delicate and fragile they are…and how beautiful new life is. As always, it was a joy photographing this sweet family! I’m so, so excited about their newest addition :) One boy and one girl – so perfect! I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing them grow up together – I bet they’ll be best buds within a few months time!

  • Gana He is a beautiful newborn and you can see the resemblence to his big sister!(10.04.2010 02:14pm)

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