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sneak peek

…if I could look like this the next time I’m pregnant, I’d want to stay pregnant forever. I guess I wouldn’t be the only lucky one, I’m pretty sure my better half would be very stoked, too – a sight for sore eyes, indeed. I had an amazing time shooting this maternity session. Not only is Iris extremely beautiful, but she’s so so sweet & so so cute – especially when she smiles and laughs, adorable! She’s one hot mama-to-be!

Hello! She sooo rocked this pregnancy shoot – she was posing, moving, totally open minded to my ideas! When clients are open, it really maximizes the benefits of having a custom photography session. These are the types of sessions that get me hyped up – excited – inspired! This is why I LOOOVE what I do…getting images like these. I think I get just as excited as my clients do about the images from our photo session!

And wowsers – I don’t think I need to explain much for this image:

So, it may look like we took a trip to the mountains, but we were actually just down the street from her house. It’s a hidden Los Angeles gem :) I loooved the droopy trees, wildly overgrown plants….and to make it even better – the sunlight filtering through the trees as it set was perfection. It was ideal for me – a sun flare junkie – I just love sun flare any time and all the time…morning, sunset, and even at high noon!

More flare….and my intentional out of focus shot (thank you to amazing photographer, Michele, of PinkleToes who was my inspiration for this shot) – I just love how it creates a soft silhouette of her beautiful belly.

And what better way to end a maternity session than with a little break on the lovely green grass :)

  • Vicky Saenz Wow, my daughter looks amazing! Cant wait to see all the pictures.(02.27.2010 11:44am)
  • Sayra Absolutely captivating!!! Iris you look amazing. These images are truly priceless:)(02.27.2010 06:21pm)
  • Mariana Gonzalez You look gorgeous Iris! I can't wait for baby G's arrival! Love you!(02.27.2010 07:56pm)
  • Natalie Beautiful pictures Iris! I can feel the love you have for your little girl by the way the pictures capture your genuine emotions! :) xoxo(02.28.2010 10:10pm)
  • Tina Beautiful! The colors, the exposure, the flare......all of it gorgeous!(03.01.2010 08:35am)
  • Bernadette My niece inside your belly really makes you look amazing! I absolutely love your photo shoot. You look beautiful and I can't wait to see the final pictures.(03.05.2010 08:52pm)
  • Kristen & Audrey Our Auntie looks beautiful! We love her pictures and think she makes an amazing pregnancy model! Wow! We can't wait to see the rest!(03.05.2010 08:54pm)
  • Denise You look striking! Pregnancy suits you well.(03.06.2010 12:55pm)
  • Stacy Hot momma where on earth did you get your Red shirt I'm in love with it you are ADORABLE!!!(03.25.2010 09:44am)

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Sure, you can take great photos of your baby/child! Especially since most, if not all, parents have DSLR cameras these days. But I’d like to believe that there is still great reason to commission a professional photographer to do it for you.  In addition to being able to have family photos, photographers are also artists with their own creative vision. So above all, a photographer will document moments for you through his/her own eyes, will notice things, connections, emotion that you may not see – or have not been able to see from another’s point of view. As proof, even though I’m a photographer and can take photos of my family, I still hire a professional photographer every year to do it for me :)

I was so happy when I read this piece about Blueberry Sky Photography.  It brightened my day and made me feel wonderful!

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…and everything nice! That’s what little girls are made of.  Especially this little girl! At three months old, she is just as cute as a button and tolerated tummy time like a little champ! She’s got the rosiest cheeks, pinkest pout….and big, beautiful, curious eyes.

and her complexion is just flawless. Isn’t she pretty?

…and here she is getting some snuggle time in with mommy. There’s nothing better than mommy love :)

And while little miss is sweet and delicate…..this little man is rambunctious and full of energy! He’s got beautiful eyes and an amazingly contagious laugh! I absolutely adore being around preschoolers….their energy, their honesty, their pure and uncensored ways make me smile…and more often than not, make me roll on the floor laughing!

  • Thao Kieu Lilah and Lieam are so adorable. Such memorable pictures !!! Good job mommy.(02.24.2010 07:29am)
  • Denise Nguyen the pictures are so adorable!!!! I love it.(02.24.2010 08:02am)
  • Hannah Brame The kids are adorable! Lilah is so beautiful, just like her mommy! I love her hat! Thanks for sharing-(02.24.2010 08:08am)
  • Kim Nguyen Oh my goodness how cute! Thanks for the sneak peek! Can't wait to see Lilah this weekend!!(02.24.2010 08:35am)
  • Gloria Torres OMG...they are so cute!!! Lilah is so pretty and delicate! Thao and Thanh, you both are blessed to have such beautiful children.(02.24.2010 03:59pm)
  • Julie & Hiep Lilah is so precious...makes us want to produce another miracle:) Liem is such a handsome lad...the boy got IT!!! xoxo, Hiep, Julie & Lauren(02.25.2010 08:39am)
  • Thanh and Peter Julie did a great job with the kids. Lilah was such a trooper, 2 hrs session and a bunch of outfits later... she was in such a good mood, never whined a bit. Liem is such a HAM by nature. =)(02.25.2010 05:15pm)
  • Lauren Ha Beautiful pics of the kids.(02.25.2010 05:17pm)
  • Peter Mai Lilah and Liem had a great time and it was wonderful watching them in their own element.(02.25.2010 05:18pm)
  • Lauren Ha They are beautiful!!(02.25.2010 05:21pm)
  • Chi & Mimi Lilah is so cute and adorable!!! Liem, stop growing up too fast. We miss you!(02.25.2010 05:51pm)
  • Victoria and Josh What a precious moment of Lilah and Liem! These pictures will be memorable for the rest of their life and their proud, loving parents.(02.26.2010 12:34am)
  • Jennifer O. They are such gorgeous kids!(02.27.2010 04:47am)
  • My Ha The pics came out nicely and the kids are too cute. We have baby models.(03.02.2010 06:08pm)
  • The Hamdans Our Liemie is so handsome and Lilah is such a beautiful baby. Thanx for sharing, can't wait to see the rest of the pics.(03.03.2010 08:47pm)
  • Minh-thu Awhh.. they are so cute! Beautiful photography and, of course, gorgeous models! Sending lots of hugs and kisses to the kids...(03.03.2010 08:52pm)
  • Huy Trinh Love the pics! The kids are too precious and adorable!(03.03.2010 08:58pm)
  • Kathy Nguyen The colors and backgrounds are perfect for the kids. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.(03.04.2010 04:42am)
  • ThaiSon & VinhSon TS and VS wants to have hair like Liemy when they grow up! : ) And their mommy would love a little girl as adorable as Lilah! Thx for sharing!(03.04.2010 06:53am)
  • Thanh Vy What a beautiful girl! and Liemie is sooooooooo handsome!!! I love these pics. Thanks for sharing.(03.04.2010 08:14am)
  • Danielle Mai How adorable!!!(03.04.2010 09:24am)
  • Donna ONG they are just to cute!!! My little Liem is growning up :)!! He is a big boy now. How adorable!! What they do now with Pictures!!(03.06.2010 11:39am)
  • Liza Mocorro how blessed are we :) both so adorable and photogenic . . . such a joy and gift to us all . . take care and a happy easter . . .(03.19.2010 12:08pm)
  • Alex They are so adorable. Such beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.(03.28.2010 10:19pm)

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Didn’t the New Year just start? I cannot believe how fast January and February have come and gone! So far, 2010 has been fabulous. My son turned two years old this month…..and I’ve had so many wonderful photo sessions and met some amazing families! I definitely feel blessed for all of the wonderful things going on in my life. March is on the way and I am looking forward to all of the Spring newborns I’ll be photographing! I have only one more opening left for a March photo session – just a little update I wanted to share :) And here are some images of Nathan, such a cutie – because it’s no fun to post without a photo!

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…so, so, so wrong if I didn’t blog more images of this sweet boy. Not only is he just gorgeous at 7 months, but he’s a fantastic baby model. Those eyes, those lashes, and that pinchable baby chub is theee best!

He’s also got the cutest smile and jolly little laugh! I loooove babies at this age. Such a perfect time for a photo session. Seven months has got to be one of my faves!

I love these….the mountainy goodness in the background makes to happy :)

As the sun rose just behind the mountains, the morning dew and crisp breeze just overwhelmed my senses.  And then, when I saw this image in  my viewfinder, I let out a big sigh. I thought it was an indescribable moment I was capturing…the love, the feel, the surroundings, it was really breathtaking.

The entire photo session was awesome. I loved it! LOOOVED it!

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…and he brought a sweet, sweet surprise! This beautiful newborn was a perfect little model for our photo session – he slept like a champ and didn’t mind any of these poses at all! And my oh my, just look at how adorable he is!

I’d have to say, these are some of my favorite family and newborn images to date. He curled so beautifully in his parents arms – when I saw this image even before I pressed the shutter button, I was smiling HUGE because I just knew the resulting images were going to make me a happy camper. So content, so lovely. And look at mommy, she is just glowing.

And yes folks, we have a smiler! Newborn babies give me smiles sometimes during photo sessions, but this sweetie was just full of them – sleep smiles galore! I always encourage parents to have their newborn sessions within the first 10 days of birth because they’re still itty bitty–which allows me to fit them in little spaces….like a bookshelf :) Don ‘t worry – safety is always first – we had daddy as a spotter…and me very close, as well as mommy just a few steps away–and baby was curled up on a nice soft blanket :) What I love most about the shot below is the tree…which was from mommy’s baby shower…it has notes hanging from it with well wishes for baby boy :)

This was an absolutely fabulous newborn session! I’ll definitely be sharing more!

  • janessa Love the pictures of you and your little one :D(02.18.2010 08:08am)
  • pogi wow! those pictures are incredible! great job!(02.18.2010 08:10am)
  • Raechel OMG! These are the most beautiful baby pictures I've ever seen! He's sooo adorbs! You guys are all glowing :) love.(02.18.2010 08:11am)
  • Trish ADORE!!!(02.18.2010 08:15am)
  • Veronica Awwwwww sooooo cute!!! gotta love the one of Cadens room. Its like a Wheres Waldo picture! LOL He looks so peaceful :) you two did great!(02.18.2010 08:25am)
  • Jon Roc Uh Oh, Watch out ladies!! The new PIMP is in town. lol These are hella dope. Caden, welcome to the world. Cant wait to meet you little guy. Congrats again Tin and Donnel. See you all soon. Take Care(02.18.2010 08:39am)
  • Jane awwe great pictures!! <3(02.18.2010 08:41am)
  • Franki Vee the pictures are amazing. he is too cute!(02.18.2010 08:52am)
  • Mike A. Really lovely pics!! Very artfully done! Can I have a shoot done for myself.. preferences: hanging in the net and the teddie bear blankie!(02.18.2010 08:58am)
  • basa Adorable and awesome pictures guys!!! especially the cubby one!!!(02.18.2010 09:15am)
  • Shawn Sanders Great pictures! Congratulations to you and your family!(02.18.2010 09:26am)
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  • Mike He's cute, must be a Charger fan!(02.18.2010 09:31am)
  • Art Mortensen Congratulations! What a total sweatheart. These are beautiful pictures and memories for a future time. Thank you for including me on your list. Art(02.18.2010 09:32am)
  • Eddie Mercado Nice pix, since he is the first born I think this is the first of many more photos to come. Trust me, I know! LOL!(02.18.2010 09:40am)
  • Co Le Awesome Photos! He is sooooooooooooooo cute.(02.18.2010 09:41am)
  • Jing Adorable baby and beautiful pictures! Congratulation!(02.18.2010 09:42am)
  • Marco Congratulations on the beautiful addition to you family. He is a real cutie.(02.18.2010 09:45am)
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  • Kevin congrats!! you guys should send these pics to an agency or something(02.18.2010 10:08am)
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  • Anthony Congratulations!!!!!!. The baby is so cute. Really awesome pictures.(02.18.2010 10:16am)
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  • stacy krager Gorgeous! The knit sling shots *are* amazing!! And what a gorgeous mama! :)(02.18.2010 02:34pm)
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  • Jen R Soooo precious & soooo happy for you both!!! These pictures are so timeless and memorable I love it!!! Can't wait to meet him! :)(02.18.2010 04:03pm)
  • James Encarnacion Wow, that picture in the shelf is AWESOME(02.18.2010 04:29pm)
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  • kris pogi talaga!!(02.22.2010 03:50pm)
  • Josie OMG! Sooo cute! Congratulations on your baby boy! I love those pix =)(03.01.2010 04:39pm)

open post

For a year, I’ve been trying to gain acceptance to an amazing foundation called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. They provide free photography to families dealing with the terrible tragedy of losing a baby. I learned today that I have been accepted and will be volunteering for Los Angeles hospitals. It’s such an honor. I am humbled. I am even more appreciative for all that I have.  I am inspired by the stength of these families.

Learn more about this awesome foundation, it’ll be worth the read – I promise.

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Timing is everything when planning for a photo session. The first two weeks of life for a newborn session is always a winner, and then at 3 months when babies have developed head/neck control (and at which time they’re likely out of the newborn stage and into the giggly baby stage). But between 6-10 weeks, it can be tricky because they’re not sleepy newborns, but also not yet at the point where they can hold their heads up on their own – so sometimes they’re a bit uncomfortable during sessions. BUT, this sweet baby boy at 6 weeks was such a pleasure to photograph, he was content, easy going, and just adorable!

His house was also full of wonderful natural light…and if that wasn’t already enough to make me grin from ear to ear – his mommy had so many cute, colorful, bold outfits and blankets ready for the photo session – I was just like a kid in a candy store checking out all the fun stuff!

And, the absolute sweetest thing was watching his big cousin interact with him during the photo session.  She was so loving and gentle – you could clearly see how much she enjoyed his company – and the feeling seemed mutual, as he slept right in her arms :)

Of course, preschoolers (around 4 years old) are usually pretty stoked about the idea of being photographed with a baby….BUT, for a toddler (around 2 years old) it’s no surprise that trying to photograph them with a baby may not be as easy – so when I was able to get this shot (a little game of peekaboo did the trick), I was so excited! How cute are they?!

And of course, baby with his adoring mother. So sweet – these moments. Fleeting moments.
How our babies grow up so fast….

And for the last image from this photo session – my favorite of big cousin with her new little baby buddy. Baby boy is cute as can be, and she is just GORGEOUS!

  • Paula Awwwh so precious. What a beautiful family. Great photos!(02.09.2010 04:52pm)
  • Michele (Pinkle Toes) you.rocked.these.images. Such beautiful kiddos, too!(02.09.2010 07:09pm)
  • Tina OMG, I thought he was the baby model at first and scrolled down to look for Milo and realized the baby model IS Milo! He is sooooooooo cute!!! Love all the pictures with his big cousins, too :)(02.09.2010 07:16pm)
  • Charleen Dear sister Eva, I feel so touched to view these photos. And also happy for you.(02.09.2010 07:31pm)
  • Jennifer These are so amazing. Looks like a magazine shoot. I love that one with you holding Milo... and the one with the monkey... and the one with the girls... CUTE!(02.09.2010 08:04pm)
  • Amy WOW. Milo is gorgeous! And these pics are absolutely stunning Eva!! When am I going to see the munchkin IRL?? Give me deets on your NYC trip, love;-)(02.09.2010 10:30pm)
  • Kelly She made all the babies look just as pure, innocent and as adorable as they are in person. Totally amazing work.(02.10.2010 03:57pm)
  • Janice Amazing pictures. The ones of Mom and Milo are so sweet...(02.11.2010 10:56am)
  • Jen Gentry Oh goodness! These are so cute - you did a great job :)(02.11.2010 03:18pm)
  • Carole Duncan Eva, These are so darling and just amazing!! Milo is just adorable, and the girls with him are too cute for words.(02.11.2010 03:25pm)
  • Rich Great pics. Especially like the ones with Milo's cousins. So cool they'll grow up together. Rich(02.11.2010 04:47pm)
  • Mitch Talk about smile from ear to ear! I had one myself. Love the photos, Milo has your eyes Eva! Love you all! :)(02.12.2010 10:21am)
  • Kim Isaacs Wow, absolutely adorable! He looks just like Eva!!! He is a gorgeous little boy! The pics are just beautiful, also with his cousins! Love it! :-)(02.12.2010 11:21am)
  • Kerri Loughlin I am just ooh'ing and ahhh'ing over these photos - just precious and gorgeous wrapped into one!(02.12.2010 07:59pm)
  • Erin These photos are so beautiful!!! I love the one in the basket. :)(02.13.2010 08:13pm)
  • Kevin Gabriel Milo-San, Milo-San. Such a cute baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbyyyy!!! I love you Milo. You with your cute perfectly round fuzzy hair. Big probing eyes. Strong neck that was lifting up his head at 2 weeks. You have an appetite like no other, 6oz per feeding. And when you hit that magic number you are topped off like a car or some rising flour. I see it in your face, "Okay I'm good now, you can put me to sleep whenever you're ready. So cute, So ccuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttteee. Nite nite. Milo-San(02.22.2010 02:22pm)
  • Marty Very Beautiful, Eva!(02.27.2010 04:12pm)

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A family of troopers! Dad carried a heavy chair two football fields up a hill. Grandma pushed a stroller full of stuff up that same hill…and mom carried a bunch of bags up too! It was definitely a tough walk – but wow! What a perfect location for a photo session! The morning sun was just peeking over the hill….the air was cool and crisp….and the mountainy-air was absolutely delightful. This is definitely a family always ready to seize the moment – no hesitation at all to walk around in the dirt and take a journey up a rugged hill!

When I photographed little man at four months, he was already sitting up on his own – so I just knew that at our next photo session, he’d be crawling all over! My prediction was correct, now he’s 7 months and not only is he crawling, but he’s pulling himself up to stand, and taking steps when he’s holding his mommy and daddy’s hands! He’s definitely going to be walking running when I see him again in a few months!

….baby boy is also quite the little trooper himself. Turns out his first tooth was just about to cut on the day of our photo session- so he wasn’t feeling all that great – but despite it all, he was happy, sweet, and just a joy to be around. How adorable is he here????

I had such a wonderful time photographing this sweetie again…and hanging out with his awesome parents and amazing grandma (who was a huge, huge support and help!) More to come!!!

  • Aunt Sue Lovely setting. Lovely photos. Lovely family! Well done, everybody!(02.03.2010 09:46pm)
  • Suzy Prim OMGOSH!!!! Luv the new pics!! Yes Terry he is sooooooo cute! My fav. is the black and white of all three, Jeremy kissing his beautiful little head! AWWWWW TY for sharing..... Suzy(02.03.2010 10:22pm)
  • Aunt Carole How adorable !!!!!! What a beautiful family !!! He sure is growing, huh? Love to you all----------(02.04.2010 05:46am)
  • Linda Spada He is the cutiest baby ever! He ought to be a baby model. Love his clothes; also, the nakey baby shots are just too precious.(02.04.2010 09:54am)
  • Auntie Josie What a little doll my nephew is....Love you all(02.04.2010 10:25am)
  • Kimberly Albarian Absolutely adorable......and looks like he's so much fun!(02.04.2010 12:05pm)
  • Tracey PC these pictures are really nice!! everyone looks great ....(02.04.2010 02:04pm)
  • Mary Ann Sy Wow! It's amazing to see him taking those baby steps. I love the pics, What a wonderful family! Love, Mary Ann(02.04.2010 03:02pm)
  • Untie Jenny He is just tooooo cute....(02.04.2010 03:06pm)
  • Stefanie Turner Hi, the baby is too cute. You are doing the right thing by taking lots of great pictures, but the second child will see these.... Don't forget about her. Hee Hee(02.04.2010 03:20pm)
  • Kim Hodgden The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!(02.05.2010 07:44am)
  • GiGi Lewis Picture are great, He is a handsome little man Love you All GiGi(02.05.2010 11:13am)
  • robin helm awwwww...cute family :)(02.05.2010 02:18pm)
  • Erika Thank you Julie for capturing such sweet memories of our family! We can't wait to see the rest of the photos!(02.08.2010 10:16am)
  • Jeremy Julie - Amazing pics! You are the best!(02.13.2010 12:27pm)

open post

Oh my oh my! I had an absolute blast at this photo session. As you can see below – this adorable family was full of love…full of life…and full of color! Mom has some amazing taste – the little outfits for baby boy were a photographer’s dream!

I know, I know, this little 9 month old is soooo cute. And check out the uberly sweet shoes — knitted :) So, our little model had many looks for this photo session — the next two images show his *sweet/shy/who are you photographer-lady* look:

and here is my favorite look – quite pensive. I do love smily giggly photos, but there’s something I just really love about facial expressions like the one below. Big, beautiful, curious eyes – just taking everything in – all that this world has to offer…

….mixed in with some big smiles – It’s a perfect balance!

I really, really enjoyed this photo session. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I just love babies at this age – between 7-10 months is so much fun…and it really is the perfect age to photograph babies. More to come!!! I’m so excited to finish this gallery :)

  • Cynthia Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these Julie!! :) We had a blast!! I can't wait to see the rest of them!!!!!(02.01.2010 02:38pm)
  • Jung Hwang SoOoOOOOOOOOooooooooooo ADORABLE!!!!! You guys look FANTABULOUS!!!! I'm Tristan's new fan! Love the shoes and the tie! ;)(02.05.2010 03:36pm)

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