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As a parent myself, I cannot even begin to imagine the devastation felt to learn that your child is ill. I’m praying for little Ava, her family…and hope that she will emerge healthy and happy from this horrible situation.

Ava is sweet, loving, and energetic 4 year old little girl. She needs your thoughts and prayers now more than ever. Ava and her parents were recently told that she has a mass on her brain and that they cannot operate. This little girl desperately needs a miracle and hopefully we can make that possible through the power of prayer!! To learn more about little Ava’s story, visit her site here.

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Everything about this photo session was just magical. The baby (look at that sweet face), the parents (gorgeous), the light (why I love 7:30am sessions), the energy (mommy & daddy are clearly smitten)….magical, the session was just magical. Jack was just full of giggles and smiles!  When we had his newborn session, he was just an itty bitty little thing, so small and precious…and now, at 6+ months, he’s a chubby little guy, with the yummiest baby rolls, budding personality, and a smile that is just unforgettable!

  • Kate Magical is right! Such GORGEOUS images! You are amazing!(04.02.2010 06:21am)
  • Kasia Dobosz 2xfoto.pl So cute and beautiful :)(01.25.2011 08:05am)

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…being so absolutely sweet, that is. Isn’t she just a doll? She’s an itty bitty bundle of joy – so adorable, squeezable, lovely! Her mommy described her smile as one that lights up an entire room – and I completely agree! Just look at that smile….so contagious! At 3.5 months, this beauty was an amazing model–sometimes this age can be tricky to photograph, but she was a dream! She loved looking right at the camera…and I was giddy every time she smiled :) Even when she wasn’t smiling, I was still captivated by her big brown eyes. So perfectly round…with a curiously innocent gaze. She is truly a beautiful baby. But what made me even happier was watching how mommy and daddy loved her up sooo much. They were so gentle, loving & effortless in the ways they interacted with their sweet baby girl :) I had am amazing time!

  • Abby's Mommy These pictures are gorgeous! I cant wait to see the rest of them. She is soo cute!(03.25.2010 08:23pm)
  • Jennifer O. Omg, she is sooooo cute!(03.26.2010 11:51am)
  • Shannon Soto she is so adorable...(03.26.2010 05:03pm)
  • Auni Kristy She is a beauty, cant wait to see the rest of the pictures!!!(03.26.2010 05:30pm)
  • Boston "Auntie" She is beyond words adorable! The photos, lighting and poses are great! Can't wait to see them all!(03.26.2010 05:48pm)
  • Grandma J She is so cute I want a picture.(03.26.2010 05:52pm)
  • Auntie Laura The pictures are awesome! What a cutie pie.(03.26.2010 10:33pm)
  • Helaine Love,love,love! How amazing. I just want to see more!(03.27.2010 04:19am)
  • Sue Abdelatif Aw this made my morning....Thanks Abby for making life so joyful for all of us.(03.27.2010 11:25am)
  • AUNT LEANNIE Love all the pictures, awesome hat Miss Abby!!!! Photographer did a great job with a beautiful baby girl (my princess)!!(03.28.2010 12:12pm)
  • Andrea Gomes She is such a beauty. The photos are so adorable and amazing. Can't wait to see Abby again!(03.29.2010 08:34am)
  • Dani Decker-Curry She looks so sweet!! Beautiful pictures!!!!!(03.29.2010 08:34am)
  • Texas "Aunt" Susan ADORABLE! These are absolutely beautiful pictures. Abby put on quite a photo op for the photographer and it appears the photographer took advantage of the wonderful opportunities Abby gave her. I can tell from these pictures why her Mommy and Daddy are so proud of her. What a personality and beauty!(03.29.2010 02:32pm)
  • Great Gramma Wilson What a ham! Give a little California girl a camera and she will melt your heart! What a beauty, and so precious in that hat! Priceless memories for Mom and Dad. Congratulations to all three, and to Blueberry Sky for capturing the moment.(03.29.2010 07:37pm)

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Well, hello there gorgeous baby boy! I know, I know, he’s just the cutest little thing – with those amazing eyes, sweet smile, and rosy cheeks! He’s so beautiful in fact, that the security guard at Santa Monica Pier thought he was a baby model so he stopped us and asked me to sign a photography waiver. Not kidding. I really can’t blame the guy…I mean, look at how handsome this baby boy is! This is no surprise though, because when we had our 7 month photo session, he was just as adorable, only smaller :)

It was an absolutely beautiful day! Beautiful surroundings, beautiful light…and of course, a beautiful family! Pardon my out of order blog posting, I’ll be post sneakies from last week’s sessions soon! A little behind here :)

  • Erica Julie these are fantastic as per usual! I didn't realize how big he was until I was looking at these...our little man is growing up:)(03.22.2010 02:48pm)
  • Monica Bowers Wow - wonderful photos. Thanks for your great work once again, Julie :)(03.22.2010 02:49pm)
  • Grandpa Perfect photographs of my perfect grandson!(03.22.2010 03:11pm)
  • Tesa ( Grandmom) He is so cute and beautiful. Look at these sky blue eyes and the smile !!!!! I love the pictures.(03.24.2010 02:53pm)
  • Auntie Lauren He's just like his Auntie. Loves those chocolate cupcakes :)(03.27.2010 02:18pm)
  • Jennifer AMAZING! Such great photos. He's so cute and it getting so big. Can't wait to see him again :)(04.07.2010 01:18pm)

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…not only because he just turned the big ONE – but also because he is just so cute! And why not celebrate cute babies?! Well I suppose he’s actually a toddler now that he’s pretty much walking (a few steps at least) – but still cute nonetheless!  He looked like such a little man for our photo session…and I think it’s just adorable how his jeans cover his shoes – teehee :)

The last two photos I just had to include….at less than two weeks and at 6 months. Isn’t it amazing how time flies & how much our babies change right before our eyes? For me, I didn’t appreciate the changes until I went back and looked at old photos – and then when you look at them side-by-side, you can really see the WOW factor. From precious, sleepy, helpless newborn…to sweet, cuddly, energetic crawler…to mobile, walking explorer!

  • Cs Mom Oh wow! We LOVE how these turned out! Thank you Julie! :) You just make the photos pop with story. I had no idea they would turn out so nice. It's your magic touch, as always! :) XOXO(03.19.2010 03:25pm)

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Although I absolutely love the rain, it’s a little frustrating when I have to reschedule photo sessions because of it!  This session was rescheduled more than a few times.  So, finally – after weeks of emails, rescheduling and hoping for sunny skies – I was able to meet this little sweetie at the Huntington Library in Pasadena to celebrate her first birthday! I must say, though, after all the rain recently, the grass couldn’t be any more lush, beautiful and fresh – it was the perfect location! Nothing’s better than being outdoors after the rain – it’s just so clean and fabulous! Anyway, this sweet girl had all the makings of a model….super cute, lots of personality, annnnd, she loveed the camera!

  • Kate Fabulous shots!!! What a gorgeous little girl!!!!(03.12.2010 09:00am)
  • Cecilia Widjaja awwwwwwww love itttt ... thank you Julie .. it's definitely worth all the wait :P cant wait to see the rest of he pictures ..u r the best! :)(03.12.2010 09:16am)
  • Jennifer O. Those are lovely! She is such a cutie!(03.12.2010 09:43am)
  • elizabeth widjaja looveeee the colors and my she is sooo adorable :) ... great shots !!!!(03.12.2010 09:55am)
  • Ivan Priatman I love themm!!>. love the fisheye.. awesome! thanks Julie..(03.12.2010 09:57am)
  • Diana she is adorable...such a cutieee ^^ gorgeous pictures!!(03.12.2010 10:06am)
  • Adrian She grows sooo fast!! Very cute!(03.12.2010 11:10am)
  • Louisa Kiersten you are so sweeettttttt... Love it Julie.. Nice work...(03.12.2010 02:53pm)
  • David nice shots. love the colors and the expressions. such an adorable baby :)(03.12.2010 08:05pm)
  • Rosalina Surjono Very nice picturess!! Baby kiersten looks so adorable !! loves every single pictures! post more please!! hihih(03.12.2010 09:16pm)
  • Grandpa & Grandma Aduh lucu e poollllll !!! he he he !!(03.12.2010 10:29pm)
  • Grace Kyo omg Kiersten.. you are one super-duper cute and gorgeous baby girl ^^ I love looking at all the photos. Such lively colors. Kudos to the photographer for the excellent work and to Kiersten's parents for their gorgeous genes ;p(03.13.2010 03:54am)
  • nana mini ivan!!! she's so cute. def cuter than ivan..haha. So when cam i see her again? i miss her. great pics! yg lagi makan kue lucu bangetttttttttt(03.13.2010 08:01pm)
  • Tina Love the color in these and that last headband is gorgeous!(03.15.2010 08:13am)

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…..I knew it, totally knew that she was going to be a beautiful one year old! When I photographed her as a newborn, she was the tiniest, sweetest little thing — and now, almost one year later, she’s still sweet – but she is also just gorgeous! Big brown eyes, soft curls, and a cute little smile :)

And look at her adorable little nose :)

She was such a wonderful model for our photo shoot. She definitely showed interest in my camera — and my camera looooved her!

And yes, her shirt says “Daddy’s Girl” — but she is absolutely a mommy’s girl, too! It really warms my heart when I watch mom’s cuddle and snuggle their babies – breathing in all of that sweet babyness — it’s a familiar feeling (my son is now two, but I still see him as my little baby) and his snuggles and kisses are enough to make me teary eyed.

….and of course, her shirt was accurate – she’s a daddy’s girl and always will be :)

It was so so so wonderful seeing this sweet girl again! Happy early birthday!

  • Sheri I love the pictures! Kaylin is beautiful. She really shows a mixture of both you and John. Love the flower field, I wish we had thoughs here...(03.07.2010 05:39pm)
  • tyler woo just awesome =] (03.08.2010 08:37pm)
  • Dolores Lugliani These are great of Kaylin. She is so beautiful. Great photos.(03.09.2010 03:36pm)
  • kimiko super cute!(03.09.2010 08:43pm)
  • Ardean Grgas the pictures are beautiful, kaylin is getting so big.(03.10.2010 09:53am)
  • Claire Jenn! I can't believe Kaylin is growing up so quickly! She's absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see and hear all of the amazing things Kaylin will do as a 1 year old, then 2 year old, then... All the best to you!(03.10.2010 08:29pm)
  • Kaylin's Mommy Julie! again you AMAZE me with your talent. My daughter looks absolutely heavenly! I LOVE the purple flower field pics and especially love her walking pics. Thanks again for capturing yet another milestone in our daughter's life. Kaylin ~ Happy 1st Birthday My Love. xoxo~ Mommy <3(03.11.2010 01:14am)
  • Barbara Okumura beautiful pics of my great-grand-daughter! Love, Oba-chan(03.11.2010 01:18am)
  • Kristina Kaylin is absolutely adorable- Loved the pictures!! Happy First Birthday Kaylin!! xoxo Love Tina & Chris(03.13.2010 10:49am)
  • Timmy Beautiful little smile from a beautiful little girl(03.19.2010 08:04am)
  • Grandpa Okumura What can I say, she is truly a grandpa's angel! To the photographer, Julie, you have done it again...thank you!(03.26.2010 07:43pm)
  • Jay Thanks OKI, She so Beautiful, great pictures. Best Regards, Jay(03.27.2010 10:28am)
  • Danny Mahalo Oki, great pix of grand daughter no wonder you are so proud of her.(04.04.2010 09:24pm)
  • Shawny Precious moments.......(05.03.2010 08:34am)

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I’d absolutely go back to photograph this sweet newborn baby boy again — in a heartbeat! Not only is he a beautiful baby (with such beautiful skin tone and amazing facial features), but he is also so content and peaceful – it just made the photo session such a joy. Well, I have to say that what also helped was daddy being a total baby whisperer…rocking and hushing this sweetie to sleep and from pose to pose so gently and effectively.

Here’s the lovely family together…Mommy and daddy look just as peaceful as baby boy :)

You can see clearly here how gorgeous his skin tone is. Perfectly peachy-pink….And his head of beautiful dark hair. He actually reminds me a lot of my own baby boy when he was a newborn – except mine didn’t sleep soooo well like this baby does :)

And this image I just love.  This is a super cute pose, but one of the main reasons I love it so much for newborn sessions is because of the way it makes baby’s face look. There’s really nothing cuter than newborn cheeks and lips…perfectly chubby cheeks and a perfect pout – beautiful lips just like his mommy’s…and this pose really highlights those adorable features.

At 10 days new, this sweet boy was an absolute joy to photograph. He’s super cute and a fabulous sleeper. I can’t say enough how beneficial it is to have newborn sessions early, between 5-10 days is really ideal…..I just love being able to capture these fleeting moments – because in about a week he will probably put on a few pounds and start looking more and more different! I had a wonderful time as this photo session!! More to come!

  • Mike McCrary That's my grandson! Great pictures - thanks. You're a very gifted photographer.(03.05.2010 07:15pm)

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It’s clear as day to me why mommy and daddy would want to smooch and cuddle him all the time! Look at his adorable face — and in person, his bubbly laugh is so so contagious :) When I first did their maternity session – I knew that when their baby was born, they would loooove and adore him so much…you could just tell by the way they were so in love with each other – that they would be so in love with their baby boy. Which was absolutely true! At their newborn sessions here and here…I got a little glimpse into their world & their new journey as parents. So, I was waay excited to see them again for Sam’s 6 (almost 7) month session….and oh my – Sam was even more handsome that he was when I first met him….In one word, he is just super duper CHARMING :)

I love these two images below. On the left, he looks just like daddy – seriously – of all of the many babies I have had the opportunity to photograph, I’d have to say that Sam & Ben look the most alike! And the photo on the right I just love because you can see how Sam’s eyes are just like mommy’s!

And would you just look at this face! Scrunched up nose, squinty eyes and toothless gums — all because he was in the middle of a big, jolly laugh. He is so, so, so cute!

Sam’s getting ready to hit the beach with daddy – I think he’s about ready – Don’t you?

He also might be ready to help daddy in the garage.
That big red toolbox was totally better than any other toy in the house!

It was so wonderful seeing you all again! I had a great time catching up and getting to see how much Sam has grown! It’s an honor, privilege and blessing that I’m able to document this special time for your family :) See you again in August!

  • Lucy LOVE These Julie, what a cutie patootie too!(03.01.2010 01:53pm)
  • Kate These are absolutely adorable!!!!(03.01.2010 02:09pm)
  • Shannon (Mommy) Oh my gosh!!! Julie I love these, thank you so much for your spending the morning with us and taking such great photos of our family. :) We really do love you, you are awesome.(03.01.2010 03:59pm)
  • Kara's dad The pictures came out great, lucky for you Sam's a super model.(03.01.2010 04:14pm)
  • Marilyn (Sam's "Auntie") He gets more gorgeous with every photo session. I will have to share with you pictures of Cousin Doug when he was a baby. Sam is definitely a Beardslee baby boy!(03.01.2010 05:12pm)
  • Nancy Little Sam is way to cute with a million dollar personality. He smiles so easily, a photographer's dream. Beautiful pictures !!(03.01.2010 07:28pm)
  • Nicole Such a cute super model! Beautiful pictures :)(03.01.2010 08:23pm)
  • Kristen WOAH....these pictures are STUNNING! Sam is such a handsome little man. I can't wait to watch him grow up. I am continually amazed at the quality of the photos that come out of these sessions. Job WELL done!(03.01.2010 08:29pm)
  • Matt Sam is so photogenic. How handsome. Such brilliant photographs.(03.01.2010 10:13pm)
  • Grandpa Gary Great shots, although I know it is easy with such a good looking subject. :) Thanks for sharing.(03.02.2010 08:34am)
  • Sandy Bakken Absolutely beautiful!! These pictures are precious Shannon, I loved them all! The first one is my favorite, his little face, filled with such happiness! But the toolbox photo, a little manly man, sooo cute! You and Ben are truly blessed, but then so is Sam to have such a wonderful mom & dad!! Thanks for sharing!(03.02.2010 09:45am)
  • Anna These pictures turned out beautiful!! Such a cute little family:)(03.02.2010 02:06pm)
  • Kim: What I'm a Great Aunt Oh my goodness. I have fallen in love with how your little guy looks sooooo cute. What a happy and very well loved son you have. Love Kim(03.02.2010 02:23pm)
  • Gramma Bonnie This gramma is so o o o blessed to have such a wonderful son who married such an beautiful woman who together made a truly georgous, sweet, cute, funny, happy, yummy baby boy! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! Gramma Bonnie(03.03.2010 06:29am)
  • BB...Sam's Gabby These photos are stunning.....such personality captured so well. He is the perfect blend of Shannon and Ben. (But I'm waiting for the red hair...a gift from Josephine)(03.03.2010 09:18am)
  • Gamyval Best Baby in the WORLD......No Child shall ever be as cute.........Love You.....Mom...AKA:Gamy Val(03.03.2010 07:31pm)
  • Cuz Bill What a handsome baby boy.......are those baby blues!!!!!!! The photography is fantastic! You both are blessed. Love ya Cuz(03.04.2010 09:42pm)
  • Christa These pictures are soooooo cute!!! Love Sammys big blue eyes!!! Looks like his mommy and his daddy!! He's getting to be such a big little guy!!(03.05.2010 01:09pm)
  • Daddy My wife and baby boy are so beautiful. Thanks Julie for coming out, we had a great time and the pictures are great!(03.05.2010 01:11pm)
  • Nancy I don't know how he could get any more handsome than he is right now. His blue eyes are so vivid, just like Mom's. Thanks for sharing this beautiful session.(03.05.2010 02:20pm)

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