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Thanks for stopping by! Blueberry Sky Photography {BSP} is a fresh & modern on-location photography boutique. We specialize in birth photography, newborn, baby + family photography as well as maternity photography! As you'll notice while browsing through our images, the BSP style is light-hearted and fun with modern and spunky twist. Since we shoot on-location, we travel all over Los Angeles, Orange County & to the San Fernando Valley. Thanks again for visiting! We hope to hear from you soon!
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that beautiful, firey red hair can give you a pretty accurate bit of insight about this little girl. Just as her mom described her – she is definitely a red-headed ball of fire! Full of sparkle & personality, that’s for sure! And of course, her little brother was equally fun to photograph. He was one of the most relaxed babies I’ve photographed. A content, happy little guy with stunning blue yes (just like his mama’s). And would you get a load of those sibling shots?! Super cute duo indeed! What makes it even more lovely? They actually enjoyed being next to each other – which is not always the case when I do sibling shots at their ages :) An overall super fun session that also got me some much needed cardio as I chased big sis around!

  • Victoria - Whidbey Island Boudoir Photographer Her red hair is so precious! Great job!(01.01.2012 03:25am)
  • Eleanor Ord The pictures are amazing. You really captured Alex's spirit and energy and the baby's sweet nature!(01.05.2012 10:54am)

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come in small packages. She’s dainty, sweet, petite, and oh so precious. At one month, she was so good to us and gave us some sleepy time so that we could photograph her warm cuddly newborn goodness. I also really enjoyed photographing her awake! She was so content and relaxed – just looking around and observing her new world. No cries or fussiness – what a sweet, lovely little girl! I’m very much looking forward to seeing her again in a few months – I know her cuteness will skyrocket!

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…is what was running through my head as I proofed this session. How sweet, lovely & beautiful – an adorable baby boy with his pretty pretty mama – these two are a vision of perfection with the soft sunlight behind them :) And would you look at those big blue eyes?! Stunning indeed! He was such a calm, cool & collected little guy – he was a joy to photograph and I’m very much looking forward to our next session! Here are some of my favorites :)

  • Robert McClung Great pictures of the Hulsey's and baby Vaughn!(01.10.2012 01:36pm)

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Oh, em, gee! I can hardly believe my sweet girl is only a few days shy of three months! So sad, really – it reaally saddens me that she is growing up so fast. Can I just keep her this age forever? It’s such a cute cute age! I love everything about this girl – from her smell to the way to looks at me and even the way she cries. She’s a doll, a sweetheart, a precious angel…my baby girl. Here are some things she’s doing these days:


- Laughs with her tongue sticking out. I looove when she does this.
- Makes a coughing sound and smiles when something amuses her
- Keeps her hands in tight little fists with her thumb in between her index & middle finger (which is something I do, too)
- Curls her toes in and always keeps them together
- Naps horribly during the day (20 min catnaps), but sleeps 4-7 hours at night (score!)
- Loves to be held but does not like to be worn in a sling (booo! her brother loooved the sling)
- Loves bathtime
- Still needs to be swaddled for sleep
- Frowns (like her daddy), just as much as she smiles :)
- Has her daddy, brother & mommy wrapped around her little finger!


What do you think about the last side by side images? This is Emi and Drew around the same age. Do you think they look alike??? These two are definitely connected on another level. They manage to wake up at the same time every morning! Whether it be 6am, 6:30, 7:30 or 8am! They are up within minutes of each other – what in the world?!



  • Old Tom Shelton (Happy Grandpa) Beautiful children who appear to be very happy....I'm pretty sure they come by most of it from their lovely mother......you are doing a great job (pictures) and i wish your family the very best during the holidays......MISS U!!(12.17.2011 08:17am)
  • Sara Pravongviengkham Hi Julie, it's your cousin Sara from Canada. I talked to your mom and she told me about you. Your baby girl is so cute and I can't believe Andrew is in pre-school. You are a great photographer! Talk again soon. Sara(09.24.2012 07:14pm)

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Playing some catch up here and happy to be blogging again! I had a wonderful newborn session with this amazing family. And just like with their maternity session, sweet Ella charmed me once again with her spunky personality! The first shot below I sometimes call the impossible shot – mostly because asking a toddler/preschooler to lay on the floor with his/her sib often results in “nooo! I don’t want to, no!”- but not in this case! She was more than happy to lay down with her bro…and her bro was very happy to be near his big sister – I predict a sweet relationship to come :) I also loved, loved him awake – baby Jack has gorgeous eyes and I was happy to see them wide open for some photos – what a handsome little guy!

  • Michael Jarzyna Thank you so much Julie. Your pictures are amazing! Just as important, the photoshoots were stress free and you have been a pleasure to work with!(12.16.2011 11:06am)

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Come on now, how cute is he with those sunglasses, beater & skinny jeans?! Oh my goodness! Yah, totally rockin’. He was so cool, in fact, that he had to nap mid session while daddy held him :P ┬áTeehee, not only is he super cool, but he’s also super cute. Have you seen baby rolls and chubby cheeks as cute as his? And his eyes are seriously amazing – those long lashes and beautiful shape! Oh, how I love chubby wubby babies!

  • jenny lai Landon is no doubt the cutest little guy ever. I'm not saying this cuz he's a baby....he's indeed cute! Well, I attribute that to good genes;)(12.02.2011 02:36pm)
  • Sonia Thanks Julie for the beautiful pictures! We had a lovely time =)(12.02.2011 03:08pm)
  • Christine He's so cute! I can't stand it!!! My gave has to be the one where he sticks out his tongue. Great pics!(12.02.2011 09:12pm)
  • Nhi Absolutely adorable pictures!! I especially like the picture with Landon in the furry hat looking straight at the camera. It's a picture perfect Christmas card! ^-^(12.02.2011 11:00pm)
  • Alan Beautiful pictures! Landon is way too cute!(12.03.2011 02:42pm)

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…If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to photograph beautiful smiles, introduce the huge swirly lollipop :) Oh, and a purple balloon for the girl whose favorite color is — purple — is also a winner! So, today is December 1st…what in the world happened to November? I can hardly believe it’s almost 2012! And I really can’t believe it’s been 7 months since I did little man’s newborn session! I really, really enjoy catching up with families at the end of the year because I get to see how much the kids have grown and changed. It was so much fun hanging out with this sweet family!

  • Rhea Julies these are so great! Thank you for these photos! We will treasure them always!(12.01.2011 01:34pm)
  • Uncle Edwin Tim & Rhea: Thank you for posting the pictures from time to time. For this uncle who is not live in Los Angeles. It is a special treat. The photographer did take a very nice pictures. Of course, you have two super model, I did not mean it is Tim. Thanks again. Uncle ed(12.01.2011 01:50pm)
  • Janice Hou AMAZING photos! and what a cute website too!(12.01.2011 01:52pm)
  • Nanette Such a beautiful family! Gorgeous pics!(12.01.2011 01:55pm)
  • Paula You guys looks like you had so much fun. =) Great pictures of a happy and cute family.(12.01.2011 01:58pm)
  • Dawn Cute photos! Great colors!(12.01.2011 01:58pm)
  • Jenn so cute! my favorites are payton's close up and the expression on her face at watching tim jumping in the air.(12.01.2011 02:06pm)
  • Tim Thank you so much Julie for capturing our most treasured memories with such beautiful photos! You did an amazing job as always.(12.01.2011 02:11pm)
  • Sonia Great photos as always. I love the shot of the two little ones on the ground! =)(12.01.2011 02:25pm)
  • Josh nice photos! =)(12.01.2011 02:25pm)
  • Ceci HOW FLIPPIN' ADORABLE! You are all so cute!(12.01.2011 02:29pm)
  • Eugene Lin Blue toned world, it's so natural and vivid. Carter is an egg-head scholar, Payton is a real darling princess. Rhea and Time did a good job. Tim told me one time he lost the freedom after having two children. Do you believe that ? Look at the last one, he is floating above the air, incredible !(12.01.2011 02:54pm)
  • Joyce OOOOOH!!!! Payton looks like a beautiful grown up woman! And, Carter is like a cutie man-child!! Love you guys!! Most adorable family ever!(12.01.2011 04:24pm)
  • Colleen Ang These photos are lovely!!! Payton and Carter are so cute!!!(12.01.2011 04:52pm)
  • Austin Great pictures! Man payton and carter are getting big. Love the pic of payton kissing carter(12.01.2011 05:02pm)
  • Shannin Awesome photos!! Payton's humongous smile with the lollipop is priceless. And Carter is a little model!(12.01.2011 05:12pm)
  • celyn These are fantastic photos! They look so natural! Of course, that has to do with having beautiful models too! Rhee, Tim, thanks for sharing them. Miss you all!(12.01.2011 05:27pm)
  • Sarah Wow what beautiful pictures.. I love Carter's expression on his face :)(12.01.2011 05:30pm)
  • Lily Love the pics! Such great colors. Looks like a great time.(12.01.2011 05:36pm)
  • Richmond Beautiful Pictures! One big happy family! :-)(12.01.2011 10:02pm)
  • Christine What wonderful pictures and sweet memories!(12.01.2011 11:40pm)
  • Kelvin Lin Where you manage to find such good photographers? These are great. I like Payton and her balloon.(12.02.2011 07:26am)
  • Gloria Beautiful family! I love Payton and Carter!(12.02.2011 10:40am)
  • Carolyn Amazing photographs and lovely colour scheme! Wonderful pictures which made me grin all the way through. Love the lollipop and purple hairband, Payton! You're a great big sister!(12.02.2011 11:49am)
  • Marge Enrique These pictures are sooo sweet! I love the color vibrancy and how you captured the kids' smiles =)(12.04.2011 02:28pm)
  • Paul and May Lee Beautiful ! Such a happy family, Tim and Rhea, thank you for showing us these beautiful picture, we are Soooo... happy for you, May God bless this wonderful family.(12.06.2011 04:25pm)

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