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Thanks for stopping by! Blueberry Sky Photography {BSP} is a fresh & modern on-location photography boutique. We specialize in birth photography, newborn, baby + family photography as well as maternity photography! As you'll notice while browsing through our images, the BSP style is light-hearted and fun with modern and spunky twist. Since we shoot on-location, we travel all over Los Angeles, Orange County & to the San Fernando Valley. Thanks again for visiting! We hope to hear from you soon!
sneak peek

I forgot how cute those gurgly little newborn noises are.  His little grunts and gurgles were so adorable! Reminds me of my son – when he was a newbie he would grunt hard and stretch out his arms and legs at the same time – it was quite hilarious :) When we had their maternity session, mommy told me he would get really squirmy in her tummy every time they were scheduled to have photos taken…so I was happily surprised to find that he was the perfect little newborn model for our session! He gave me a good, solid 20 minutes of deep sleep…and when he was awake, he was relaxed and totally content. He even looked right at the camera on several occasions…here he is…just as sweet as pie!

  • Danny Wow! The wonders of a new born baby life is God's saying to the world that, he is present and will always be there for the future.(02.16.2011 09:16pm)

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Welcome to this big world! Born just a few days before Valentine’s Day :) What a perfect, perfect little gift. When I got home from this birth, I peeked in at my sleeping son (who just turned three), and stood in awe for a bit. After witnessing the miracle of childbirth only hours before, I remembered just how small he was three years ago. How do our babies grow up so fast? How is it that when I look at him, I still see the tiny little boy that I cradled in my arms at the hospital? Parenthood is such an amazing journey…and I feel so, so lucky to be able to capture these fleeting moments for families. And oh my, would you look at this sweet boy? He is just gorgeous!  That shouldn’t really come as a surprise though – look at how beautiful mommy is!

Congratulations to the family for an awesome, natural water birth at home! Women are just amazing, amazing!

  • Gina Lopez Never doubted for a moment that Jaymee and Justin would make an incredible natural birth team. So happy my nephew, Gavin is finally here. Congratulations Jaymee and Justin; the pictures are absolutely beautiful!!(02.14.2011 05:23pm)
  • Maria Beautiful images and family! Jaymee, you look so beautiful and I can't wait for you to tell about your experience. All the best to you and your recovery as well as your family. Congratulations!(02.14.2011 07:43pm)
  • Mikaela These photos are absolutley amazing. Jaymee, you look incredibly beautiful. The photo of Justin wiping his eyes, made me tear up. You have such a beautiful family and I feel so lucky to be a part of your lives. I cannot wait to meet the newest McMahon!(02.15.2011 11:05am)
  • Laura Freeman Jaymme, Justin & Jaeden, I am so happy for you guys. COngraulations! I cant wait to see the rest of the pictures and I cant wait to meet little Gavin. The pictures are beautiful! Look at those lips...(02.20.2011 02:31pm)
  • Laura Freeman Jaymee, Justin & Jaeden congratulations on your precious miracle. Your pictures show how strong and connected you are as a family. Both of you deserve praise for working together to bring this little miracle into this world in such a loving manner. I cant wait till we have a family reunion love you guys! & thank you for sharing your special moment with us.(02.25.2011 07:26am)

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Big brother and I had the coldest, soggiest socks ever! The grass was so wet from the morning dew that with each step, water just gushed into our shoes! Uncomfortable, yes – worth it, a million times yes! I’d dip my shoes in cold water any day to get a family shot like the first one below. I think this one is my fave for 2011 so far! Would make a nice canvas, no?  The morning of this shoot was fuh-reezing cold! I mean, it was soooo cold! But everyone hung in there and I was able to capture some sweet moments :) What a joy photographing such beautiful children — are they not just gorgeous?!

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Just look at that adorable face and expressive little pucker. His word was “ooooh” – apparently, he saw something very awe inspiring and was sharing his thoughts with us. Not surprisingly, I was feeling the same “ooooh” that he was. As I photographed this sweet little guy, I kept getting so excited about how awesome his facial expressions were! I love it when feelings are mutual :) I just looked back at his newborn session and totally remember how itty bitty he was – so delicate and small – content and relaxed. Awww, I can hardly believe it’s been a year!

  • Lori Villegas Beautiful pictures of Caden and family!(02.02.2011 01:33pm)
  • Christine Thanks Julie for the incredibly fun shoot! It was totally worth the drive! I love the "sneak peek" pictures and can't wait to see the rest!Beautiful job as usual!(02.02.2011 01:34pm)
  • Nice Rells Aww Caden is 1 years old now. Boy how time flies! I LOVE the photos! Your photographer did an AMAZING job! We can't wait for Caden & Jessiah to meet again soon. xoxo's! ~ Nice, Rude, & baby Jessiah Rells(02.02.2011 01:35pm)
  • marigie aawww cute baby caden! beautiful family :)(02.02.2011 01:40pm)
  • Andrea Baby Caden looks adorable! The pictures turned out awesome :)(02.02.2011 01:41pm)
  • Jessica Largoza Super duper cute!!!(02.02.2011 01:46pm)
  • pogi awesome pictures guys! love it!(02.02.2011 01:50pm)
  • jen Awesome pics! Caden's adorable and the photography is amazing!(02.02.2011 01:51pm)
  • Chike Love the shot of him holding your hands!(02.02.2011 01:56pm)
  • LABui Caden is too adorable. What a beautiful family! Mama Tin, you're looking so beautiful! Love these shots!(02.02.2011 02:01pm)
  • Trish Work those suspenders Caden!(02.02.2011 02:01pm)
  • Eileen He's a handsome little guy!(02.02.2011 02:05pm)
  • Allyn Love the pictures! Where's the other ones?!(02.02.2011 02:10pm)
  • Kat LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Absolutely beautiful family + Beautiful photography ;) I love Caden! He is super handsome and a very delightful young man. I love BSP's work. You gotta fill me in!!!(02.02.2011 02:23pm)
  • sheera OMG! adorable :) can't wait to see him.(02.02.2011 02:34pm)
  • Jen Ramos So adorbs! Caden is such a cutie! Happy advance Birthday to Caden! Love the family photos!!! :)(02.02.2011 02:38pm)
  • Minda Aww, these pictures are awesome! Happy advanced birthday to the little guy! :)(02.02.2011 03:08pm)
  • joyce these are so so so nice!(02.02.2011 03:18pm)
  • grace OMG! The pictures are sooo cute. Some of the poses and expressions are sooo funny, lol. Looks like he took over the photo shoot.(02.02.2011 05:43pm)
  • Ruguine Aspiras One year old already?! How incredibly fast time flys. He is adorable....love it, love him and love you guys too. Love Auntie and Uncle(02.02.2011 06:06pm)
  • Mel and Aries Caden is so cute in these photos! Absolutely priceless! Happy 1st Birthday, Caden!(02.02.2011 06:06pm)
  • 88 Love the pics! So cute!(02.02.2011 08:53pm)
  • Terrado Family What a cutie pie! Awesome photos - love Caden's expressions, too cute!(02.02.2011 11:17pm)
  • Will Got a model in the making, the pose against the wall is classic!(02.03.2011 07:34am)
  • Vron Oh my gosh! Baby Caden is so big!!! Miss you guys! Awesome photos!(02.03.2011 09:30am)
  • Josie What a handsome baby boy! Great pix! Love you guys!(02.05.2011 08:53pm)
  • Mark & Bern That's our Godson..what a Ladies Man!(02.06.2011 11:48pm)

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The winner for Blueberry Sky Photography’s 2010 Image Contest is….

my own personal favorite image below! I titled this one “Be with you every step of the way”.  After meeting this amazing family and having the opportunity to witness how much in love they all are, my heart was so full of joy when I looked through my viewfinder to see this image. The sweet moment between father & daughter, their footprints in the sand, walking together into beautiful light, and how small she looks standing next to her daddy – all of it – I love :) Congratulations! You’ll receive an 11×14″ canvas of your winning image and a $300 print credit for your next session :)

Thanks everyone for voting! Until next year!

  • Jessica Cahoon Julie, Thank you so much. You are so wonderful and this picture is amazing. We are so excited!(02.01.2011 06:19am)

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