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Thanks for stopping by! Blueberry Sky Photography {BSP} is a fresh & modern on-location photography boutique. We specialize in birth photography, newborn, baby + family photography as well as maternity photography! As you'll notice while browsing through our images, the BSP style is light-hearted and fun with modern and spunky twist. Since we shoot on-location, we travel all over Los Angeles, Orange County & to the San Fernando Valley. Thanks again for visiting! We hope to hear from you soon!
sneak peek

Just like her big brother, this sweet little girl has the cutest dimples ever! Just can’t get enough of her adorable, gummy smile! And that hair! What I wouldn’t give for some volume like that – pretty, fluffy, soft curls – so lovely! What a pleasant, happy, beautiful baby she is. And big bro is also quite the character. He’s extremely cute and has a personality to match :) He’s charming and knows how to get what he wants (which meant running away from the camera). But I managed to snag a few of him anyway :) I always tell parents that I don’t need kids to be into the entire session, all I need is a few seconds here and there! A gorgeous family!

  • Nick What a beautiful family and cute kiddos! I like the mother-daughter, father-son matching color scheme. Must admit the first thing that jumped out at me was not little lady's dimples but her hair!... especially in the first photo. :)(12.03.2013 11:14pm)
  • victoria oh my goodness sonia! they only grow more delicious with each day. and of course all the purple :)(12.04.2013 04:24am)
  • nancy The most beautiful grand children ever. I am however, unbiased!(12.04.2013 05:52am)
  • Glenn Great pictures, hard to get kids to co operate.(12.04.2013 05:53am)
  • Henrietta Julie, beautiful photos! Love how you're totally able to capture the essence of this adorable family.(12.04.2013 06:47am)
  • Jen Cano These are beautiful. Love this family!(12.04.2013 07:27am)
  • Emily I love them!! Nice nails, Son :) Such cute kiddos. Great pictures!!!(12.04.2013 08:10am)
  • Traceyasmith123@gmail.com What gorgeous pictures of you all! I would like to use this photographer! Tracey & Sophia(12.04.2013 08:31am)
  • Ruth Awesome family photos! Love the colors - I think I have that scarf too!!(12.04.2013 09:18am)
  • Tammi These are so sweet! Love the colors and spontaneity!(12.04.2013 12:10pm)
  • Helen V. Gorgeous pics that family will treasure forever! My beautiful Landon and Eli!(12.04.2013 01:45pm)
  • Liyen I love all. These are beautiful and cute pictures.(12.04.2013 01:50pm)
  • Amy Landon and Ellie are so cute! <3 These photos are really artistic! Love the colors!(12.04.2013 02:05pm)
  • Señe Beautiful pictures! Love the colors!(12.04.2013 02:09pm)
  • Natalie Sonia and Hobie, these photos are SO CUTE!!!! you're such a beautiful family! looking forward to seeing you sometime soon - finally!!(12.04.2013 02:39pm)
  • Deb Shreve These are so cute! You have your purple buddy now. Xo(12.04.2013 03:00pm)
  • Jen W Great photos. Love the setting and casual shots. You can see so much cuteness and love in the photos!(12.04.2013 04:47pm)
  • Mariann C Adorable!(12.04.2013 06:24pm)
  • Jaimie Sun Just gorgeous! The colors pop and the love is clear!(12.04.2013 07:59pm)
  • Christine Love the one of Landon being thrown up in the air. Such great photos :) Awesome shoot!(12.05.2013 12:16am)
  • Aunt Susie What a beautiful family!!!(12.05.2013 05:04pm)
  • Sonia Julie, thanks so much for these beautiful photos! You are amazing :)(12.08.2013 12:48am)
  • francis Adorable. I love the portraits, love the color :)(12.09.2013 10:23am)
  • Angela yang Awww. Sooo cute!!(12.15.2013 02:40pm)

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