..isn’t she? Such a pretty little lady! She’s also spunky, very spunky! She’s not shy and knows what she wants. Reminds me of my own baby girl :) I love it when I meet girls who are full of energy and confidence. We’re raising some awesome, strong, confident super girls these days aren’t we? …and I love it! She was so much fun to photograph. Her smile, laugh, fireball nature & boundless energy kept me on my toes :) Plus, the camera definitely loves her, and she loves it right back!

  • Kurt Cute pictures!(06.10.2012 04:17pm)
  • Bridgett Judd Beautiful photos of a beautiful family.(06.10.2012 04:58pm)
  • Terri Sato Beautiful pictures ~ beautiful family!(06.10.2012 05:37pm)
  • Kari Hokama Hamachi Such love! Thank you for sharing such wonderful family pictures!(06.10.2012 07:19pm)
  • Amy Chan Amazing photos! The whole family looks beautiful.(06.10.2012 10:51pm)
  • Julie Rose Gorgeous colors, beautiful family!(06.11.2012 02:32pm)
  • Susan Tsukahira Fantastic pictures of everyone!(06.11.2012 04:15pm)
  • Thomas Tsukahira Great pictures! The photography is wonderful!(06.11.2012 04:20pm)
  • john tsukahira great pictures, beautiful family. great swing set(06.12.2012 08:12am)

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