When mommy shared her unforgettable birth story with me – it was a definite reminder of how precious a new life really is – and how spectacular the miracle of birth is. Kudos to mommy for enduring such an unforgettably trying labor and delivery. We can all agree though that the end result is just beautiful, awesome & perfect – all rolled into one – here he is…welcome baby!

Tiny toes and a sweet sleep smile to brighten up your day!

We got the shot! After a *bit* of a mess and a wonderfully patient daddy – we captured a beautiful moment of the ENTIRE family! The dogs seemed to know right when to look at the camera, too. Thanks daddy for being such a trooper! And thank you to grandma for the help! I can’t wait to show you the color version, you can see  F & L’s beautiful light brown markings so well :)

  • A birth to remember (Los Angeles Newborn Photography) [...] Original post:  A birth to remember (Los Angeles Newborn Photography) [...] (08.19.2009 05:58am)
  • Shelly Gee What a beautiful baby boy!!!! Congrats!!! I absolutely love the spectacular pictures!!!!!! I wish all of you the best. w/love, your cousin; Shelly(08.31.2009 05:41pm)

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