….sure, it’s super cute when babies are giggling and laughing the entire time during photo sessions, but I also really love that serious look. Especially, especially with a baby as cute as this one. Quite pensive – taking in the world around him (and probably wondering who I am & why I’m dancing around in front of him). I know I say this often, but really, I just adore sessions between 7-9 months! Because babies are sitting up unassisted at this time, we can get totally creative! And yes, they may also be crawling (which means I’ll also be on the floor crawling right along with them), but the bruised knees are totally worth it…crawling pictures are super cute – and I’m not afraid to get down there on the floor and play! Now here are some sneak peaks for mommy and daddy of little Mr. You-should-be-a-Gerber-baby-model…how amazingly cute is he?

  • Ryden Whoopeee! That was fun :). Thanks for making me look so good in all the photos, Julie!(07.15.2010 04:44pm)
  • Eric Those are some lucky parents. Don't know if the kid is so lucky though!(07.15.2010 04:46pm)
  • Dennis Eric forgot to comb his hair. I like the plaid overalls - plaid is "in" again? Kiersten, where'd you get the fancy jeans? So many different Rei-Deng expressions, how long was the photo shoot? Great photos!!!!(07.15.2010 05:36pm)
  • Grandpa Al Proud to see little Ryden shows off his personalities; both the serious and cheerful looks of him.(07.16.2010 07:24am)
  • Grandma Lisa Looks like he cannot wait to test the wheels to ride with his mom and dad.(07.16.2010 07:27am)
  • Zen Nice pictures. Ryden has perfect skin - no blemishes! :)(07.16.2010 10:42am)
  • Raquel Izumi Super cute. Thanks for sharing!(07.17.2010 10:01pm)
  • Robin Eschenbruecher Hey - those are awesome photos! Ryden is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing fantastic photos:)! We hope to see you sometime soon.(07.18.2010 11:03am)
  • Dave T Wow, now THAT IS a cute little kid!(07.18.2010 11:32am)
  • Judit Zubovits I love the one with the bicycle wheel!!! Anyone named "Armstrong" in that family tree???The naked pic is cute too. A classic. Dad, you almost have as much hair as Ryden! Super cute pics. Thanks for sharing!(07.18.2010 03:10pm)
  • Rhonda omg really love the nakey one on the blanket. adorable! hope to see you all soon...(07.18.2010 03:39pm)
  • Heather Very Cute! Love the one with the bicycle wheel(07.19.2010 06:05am)
  • Marsh Eyes are gorgeous and such an expressive mouth! Amazing, wonderful, enchanting baby, but consider the parents, how else could it be?(07.19.2010 12:32pm)
  • Tiff These pictures are beautiful! I love how they cover his pensive, inquisitive, and gleeful expressions.(07.20.2010 06:28am)
  • Gabrielle Beautiful pictures! I especially love the naked monkey hat one and the last one where Kiersten is holding Ryden up in the air.(07.22.2010 06:35am)

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