…for one, this was an amazing session! Not only are the kids totally gorgeous, but they are fantastic models, too! Especially big sister – she was very easy to photograph and very photogenic. Sweet sweet girl, she gave me a big hug and held my hand as we walked to our cars at the end of the session – how adorable is that?! And little brother, wow – he sure is handsome. And when he stayed still long enough for me to snap the shutter, what he gave the camera was jaw dropping. He has amazing eyes and the most adorable smile! So yes, it was a pleasure photographing this lovely family. As if it couldn’t get any better, right? Oh but it did – the weather was heavenly. It was warm, balmy and the sun was golden and simply spectacular. A perfectly clear sunset! I can’t tell you how many sessions I had planned for a nice sunset, only to be greeted with gloomy clouds. So we lucked out this time! Another thing I just loved about our session were the beautiful moments that came so naturally…moments that made me sigh because what I saw from behind the camera totally tugged at my heart strings – mostly when mommy & daughter were together, chatting & cuddling – they have a clear connection that is so gentle & sweet :) I couldn’t help but think of my baby girl – just waiting for the day when we can do the same :) I just loved the energy and the vibe from start to finish. Everything was relaxed and natural….beautiful. I can hardly believe it’s been 2 years since I first met this family! And I am so, so excited to meet baby #3 – I get to photograph his birth! Yippee! I am lucky to be doing what I do. Truly.

  • Grammy Martha Great pics, Caserias! Perfect color choices, especially your pink dress, Annelies, and your flower dress, Marissa. The one where you're all on the blanket on the road looks like you're on a magic carpet floating six inches off the ground and I bet that's how happy you are.(04.11.2012 05:09pm)
  • Marie Bogs Beautiful pictures! You all look so happy! Great photographer. I'll have to steal her from you;)(04.11.2012 06:08pm)
  • Vanessa Varelas You all are so gorgeous!!! Seriously beautiful family, inside and out.(04.11.2012 06:54pm)
  • Alice K. You guys are so cute! I love the pics. The location looks amazing too!(04.11.2012 07:19pm)
  • melissa loving those kiddos and that beautiful baby bump! gorgeous(04.12.2012 07:09am)
  • Clara This photo shoot is ridiculously amazing. Glad to be related to this extremely good looking family ;) Oliver and Marissa need to be eaten immediately.(04.13.2012 07:56am)
  • Sara Hi Familia Caseria! Beautiful pics! Someday, someday...I will see you all again in person!! <3(04.17.2012 08:41pm)
  • June I love you guys. These pictures are priceless!!!!(04.21.2012 10:53pm)

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