…to an already wonderful, beautiful family. As if he wasn’t cute enough…I mean, I truly want to give him hug after hug when I photograph him – he’s got an awesome laugh, gorgeous eyes and the fullest, rosiest cheeks. What a cutie! Now I get to photograph his beautiful baby sister. Here she is, just as sweet as can be. Beautiful, peachy rose complexion…so small and precious. ¬†True, she didn’t want to sleep all that much during our session – but she did take a few short snoozes that allowed me to capture some lovely images – she even smiled for the camera :) I still loved her awake though, because I got to see her pretty eyes. And of course, the photo session wouldn’t be complete without the big baby: Muffin.

  • karen stainner As usual, just pure sweetness and magic - it's amazing what you can distill from a shoot!!! You're the best...many many thanks :))(04.29.2011 01:14pm)

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