10! What better way to celebrate 10 years together then by getting married? Lucky for me, I was privileged enough to be present at such an amazing event! The bride was so beautiful, and the ranch was just breathtaking at sunset – it was a perfect day all around!

Would you check these out? The sunset that evening was breathtaking…and the bride, well let’s just say…the groom is a lucky man!

  • Julie Siegel Thank you for being a part of our special day! We absolutely love the photos. You helped make this day one that we can keep with us forever. Thank you!!(01.24.2011 12:09pm)
  • Julie A gorgeous day. A beautiful time in your lives...Cheers to my two amazing friends!(01.24.2011 12:55pm)
  • LUCY omygosh! beautiful pictures julie! julie is stunning and miles looks so handsome!(01.24.2011 01:00pm)
  • Candance I am so excited for you both!!! these are so beautiful, and Julie you look breath taking!!! Congratulations!(01.24.2011 02:07pm)
  • Cynthia White-Piper Julie and Miles, I am honored to know you and count you as my children. May this special day just be the beginning of many special days to come. The pictures are beautiful. Mom(01.24.2011 02:36pm)
  • della Congratulations!!! Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see you guys. Hugs and Love, Jeff and Della(01.24.2011 03:44pm)
  • Justin Richards Love the pics! U two look amazing! Love u guys! Congrats!!!!(01.24.2011 09:57pm)
  • Freya Foley Beautiful photos! I especially like the one with the tractor and the dogs. Mom--the real one(01.24.2011 10:19pm)
  • Katie Julie you look so beautiful, I love the shoes!!!! I miss you both so much. Congratulations, and can't wait to see you guys :)(01.24.2011 10:31pm)
  • Renee Newton Congratulations Miles and Julie! The pictures are extraordinary and it looked like a gorgeous day to get married. You look so happy and make a beautiful couple. Thanks so much for sharing. We look forward to seeing you soon. May God continue to bless you.(01.25.2011 08:17am)
  • Bertha McDaniel Miles & Julie, what beautiful pictures. Julie you are a very beautiful lady and Miles so very handsome. I look forward to meeting you. I do hope you are Seattle bound this summer. Miles you and Tim look so much alike. I sent him the pictures. I'm looking forward to summer and seeing you both. The doors are wide open). Love you both dearly, Aunt B(01.25.2011 09:26am)
  • Monique Newton These are beautiful pictures..You both look amazing! Congratulations!! :)(01.25.2011 10:29am)
  • Marilyn Beauchamp Julie & Miles - Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness & joy. Loved the photos & the red shoes were hot! Love, Aunty M(01.25.2011 03:46pm)
  • Teresa Hagan Mile & Julie What a beautiful couple you make! Congratulations on your big day. Julie you are so beautiful and Miles so handsome. May your life together be full sweet dreams,lots of Love and much laugher. Love you Cousin Teresa(01.25.2011 06:12pm)
  • DeeAnna Congrats you two!! We need to have a party to toast the happy couple!!! Much love and wishes for much more in your lives!! DeeAnna and Angie(01.25.2011 10:10pm)
  • Jen CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love the pics; you both look so excited :) I love the red by the way, nice pop of color, and your dress looks so cute! Looks like you guys had a great time! Blessings to the new Turner (Siegel) fam :) Love Jen & Dan(01.25.2011 10:45pm)
  • Bobbie & John Wow, we always knew you'd make a beautiful bride Julie! Way to go sweet pea! We need to celebrate with the two of you. XOXO John & Bobbie(01.26.2011 08:12am)
  • John You guys are great together & what a beautiful bride. Congrats! I hope that tractor is insured.(01.26.2011 09:25am)
  • Tessa The dress! the shoes! so perfect and adorable! this looks like the perfect way to celebrate. Congrats you two!(01.26.2011 10:46am)
  • Shanna Reyes Yea!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about time. Welcome to the club. The photos are awesome and creatively arranged. Love the tractor :)(01.27.2011 06:21pm)
  • Paulen Julie and Miles, I had no idea! But you are both are stunning! Congratulations! The setting is amazing...the bales of hay (can I get some of that so I can do my straw bale gardening this year), the dogs, the dress and shoes...well You're both gorgeous! I'm very happy for you. (Julie, I'm Freya's younger sister, by the way.) Wishing you a long and beautiful life together!(01.30.2011 03:56pm)

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