Why? Why? Why are you so cute? As if he wasn’t cute enough as a newborn and at 3 months!  He is just getting cuter by the minute — with more and more of his personality shining through…He’s got such a sweet and gentle way about him that just makes you want to give him snuggles and hugs all day! If you look closely, you can see little sweetie pie’s two teeny bottom teeth coming in :)

I think his hair will be standing straight up when I see him again in two months – just like my son’s when he was this age. I just love it! And, these beautiful words of inspiration that gently reminded me about the importance of living in the moment, appreciating our children & taking in their sweet babyness while they’re still little.

Awww, just look at these sweet, innocent eyes….and that beautiful pout!

Yay! Another milestone reached — sitting up all by himself…and he looks so darn cute doing it!

More to come! It was so wonderful seeing you all again! Little man is growing so fast :) I can’t wait to see him again in November! Oh, and thank you sooo sooo much for the Crocs :)

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