….This is my favorite image right now! Tooo adorable for words!

  • tim This is also my favorite photo of him!(04.03.2009 05:48pm)
  • janna oh my goodness! how do you get newborns into these poses?! so cute!(04.03.2009 05:53pm)
  • Dannielle So sweet!(04.03.2009 07:32pm)
  • jay so awesome!(04.03.2009 07:59pm)
  • Yulah Awwwwwwwwwwwww!(04.03.2009 10:16pm)
  • Kenny what a sophisticated little man!(04.04.2009 04:54pm)
  • Dick Very cute, can't wait to meet him!(04.04.2009 07:23pm)
  • Di-Jen So peaceful, so beautiful....(04.05.2009 06:11am)
  • J-X Sun What a adorable baby! I am eager to enjoy his bright eyes.(04.11.2009 10:30am)
  • Blueberry Sky Photography [...] Why? Why are you so cute? As if he wasn’t cute enough as a newborn and at 3 months!  He is just getting cuter by the minute — with more and more of his [...] (09.27.2009 02:36pm)

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