My son has asthma – just like I did when I was a child. So when he feels under the weather…has a cough or a little stuffy nose, we use his nebulizer. It wasn’t always easy though. The first time we tried to place the mask on his face, he had the BIGGEST fit of all time – then he heard the nebulizer motor – and it all went downhill from there. He yelled, kicked, screamed and cried. It was horrible because one, he really needed the treatment to help with his wheezing, and two, his crying just made his asthma even worse. Long story short, he did not allow us to give him his treatments that time around. Finally, finally though – he’s come around. I think he realized that it actually is helpful (after he took in his first breath of the meds one night when he was too tired to put up a fight)…and as such, he is certain that it will help his beloved puppy, too. After all, he’s such a caring and loving boy – it makes perfect sense that he wants to help puppy get “all better”, too. After his afternoon treatment, I walk into his room and see this:

A few things got to me: One, I just love how he used a little cup from his kitchen as the electrical socket for the nebulizer! Two, I’m so ecstatic that he trusts the nebulizer process enough to allow puppy to partake in it. Three, he was singing lullabies to puppy as he “administered the meds” – just like I do for him. How cute? How creative?! Love it :)

  • lucy aww too cute! i thought it was a real puppy when i couldn't see the pics at first in my email but it's a stuffed animal, haha. hope the asthma's not too bad =/(08.21.2010 09:56pm)

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