When I’m photographing a family as energetic, fun, beautiful and full of love as this, all I need is an hour – just an hour! Not only did we knock it out super fast, the kids were just so charming, cooperative, willing and excited about being photographed :) I had an amazing time hanging out with this great bunch – observing the loving connections they had with each other…what was especially sweet was how big sister looked after and adored her little brother – it was so, so sweet. Here are  few faves of the day. The first photo is my favorite, hands down!

I had an absolutely amazing time with this sweet family! It just goes to  show that, yes – babies are super fun to photograph – but so are children! Especially when they’re as gentle hearted and loving as these two were :)

P.S. May is fully booked, June is full (I may take one more). And I’m currently reserving July photo session dates.
Then, holiday season (busy season for me) starts in August {gasp}! Crazy, crazy how time flies!

  • Mike B Terrific pictures, Thao. Loved the black and whites, too........don't see that too often.(04.20.2010 07:33am)
  • Jennifer Foster oh I love the one of the mom and dad with the noses! so cute!(04.20.2010 07:35am)
  • Daylene Great pictures!(04.20.2010 07:42am)
  • Kevin OMG, they are so cute :), love them. Especially when the 2 kids are hugging, so awesome.(04.20.2010 08:25am)
  • Kathryn Hien Do Very nice, Thao. The kids r soooo cute. Love the pictures of u and anh Dung doing the lovey dovey noses pose. ;) Very natural photos. Love it.(04.20.2010 10:36am)
  • Patrick Le These are beautiful pictures Thao. One picture I see it is really interesting..... A gray hair man is nosing a young wife... I know you love this picture right?(04.20.2010 11:31am)
  • Gloria Torres Great photos of the whole family Thao! It's so nice! I love it! Thanks for sharing.(04.20.2010 01:03pm)
  • DENISE NGUYEN Great natural pictures of the whole family!(04.20.2010 01:49pm)
  • PhungPho Terrific Pics and so emotionnal, not kidding I am crying big time hihi! Kids especially Bi make me remember the first time I met you (Be) back in 1976. Be, you look great, Dung is getting a little bit older now tell me 4 of you are a perfect familly, almost 20 years right, 20 years "supportation" hahaha? Finally, your Pics make me remember Son.....(04.20.2010 04:32pm)
  • Sylvie Very nice pics, Be! What a lovely family and the kids are so adorable. my favorite one is the black & white one of you and the kids (the 4th one down). Very very nice! thanks for sharing. love,(04.20.2010 06:42pm)
  • Thao Nguyen Great pics! Love them.(04.20.2010 07:35pm)

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