It’s like kids have a sixth sense about things. When we really want them to take a nice long nap so they’re well rested for a fun photo shoot, they of course – DON’T NAP! This happened to two families I photographed this weekend. It’s happened to me before as well…seems like my son always skips his nap on the day I need him to rest the most. Familiar, indeed. Despite the lack of naps for the wee ones, they did awesome for our shoot. Just look at this lovely, lovely family!

  • Alyssa Snodgrass Oh my goodness!! Thanks so much Julie!! These are wonderful, I am beyond pleased and can't wait to see the rest.(04.25.2011 08:21am)
  • Kathy Santarosa Love the pictures Rob! You have a beautiful family!!(04.25.2011 02:18pm)
  • Amber What a beautiful family. I love those blue eyes. Wow! Glad to see you are all doing well. Take care.(04.26.2011 08:22am)
  • Jennifer Lujan WOW~These are amazing pictures! What an amazing way to capture the family memories!!! Beautiful kids(04.26.2011 09:49am)
  • David These pictures are so incredible! I can't get over it! The photographer did a great job. The ability to capture these beautiful images is one talented person.(04.26.2011 12:01pm)
  • Angela l love those pictures! they are so adorable!(04.26.2011 07:15pm)
  • Kathleen Fabulous pictures...The children are getting so big! I am remiss that I am unable to share this time w/them and you. xxoo(04.27.2011 08:42am)
  • Rob Best ever pictures of our family! Thanks for all your great work.(04.27.2011 09:57am)
  • Monica What a beautiful family...I love that the photos were taken in their home. So special!(04.27.2011 10:42am)
  • Beach Robert -- You have a great family.(04.27.2011 03:18pm)
  • veda casper hi Guys what beautiful babies!!! great photo's. wonderful family. you must be really excited and happy, thanks for sharing. robert, i know your mom is proud, miss her. love veda(04.27.2011 03:33pm)
  • Dick & Terri Oh my!! How incredibly cute all of you are in these pictures! How beautiful - thanks for sharing!(04.27.2011 05:30pm)
  • James and Anne Fantastic pics Robert. You have a beautiful family!(04.27.2011 08:32pm)
  • Mick Nice photos. See you soon.(04.28.2011 11:57am)
  • Bob M AMAZING photos! The first photo of Emma standing with her name in the background is fantastic. And the one where she is kissing her baby brother! Too cute. Great shots!(04.28.2011 06:29pm)
  • Allie McLachlan Aww you guys are so cute. they both have gorgeous eyes :)(04.30.2011 11:01am)
  • laureen I sure wish we lived closer. Your children are absolutely adorable! :) Great family photos!(05.01.2011 04:05am)
  • Bill & Neil What great pictures, I know Mom & Dad are smiling down on you :)(05.10.2011 07:02pm)

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