At 10 days old, little Breyker is already famous! After his amazingly beautiful birth story, he definitely won over the hearts of many, many people! I’m certain that loads of people are waiting to see images from this sweetie’s newborn session. And as I predicted after his mommy’s maternity sessions – he is extremely handsome, cute, adorable, super snuggly and just plain gorgeous :) He’s got the creamiest, soft, rosy complexion (he had little to no peeling or redness on session day)….a perfect little nose, a full pout, and big, beautiful eyes — I’m not sure what color they will be in a few weeks, as eye color tends to change…but for now they seem to be a gorgeous shade of dark blue (but I could be wrong). I guess it doesn’t really matter because he is just so stinkin’ cute anyhow! And hello – does mom look like she just gave birth? No way! So lovely…a beautiful family as a whole! The session was just awesome…there was so much love in the air — and that definitely shows through in these images.

  • Krista Sparkman I LOVE every single shot!!! You're great!! I'm drooling over your work....WOW :)(07.27.2010 01:02pm)
  • melanie WOW the most divine photos and family i have EVER seen. good for you and well done to mum who looks like she did so well at this little treasures birth. the birth photo shoot made me sob loudly and these brand new bubby photos just made me smile. what a plain miracle childbirth is!(08.02.2010 05:44am)
  • Rachael You are a VERY talented photographer! What a lovely record of their sons pregnancy and birth you have created for them. Of course it helps that they're both drop-dead gorgeous haha! I particulalry love the last photo above. Its beautiful.(08.02.2010 09:34pm)

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