Meet Jack. He’s got beautiful eyes, a cute button nose, and a smile that will melt your heart!  And…he is the chubbiest three month old I have photographed. ever!  When mom told me he was chubby, I didn’t appreciate how serious she was until I saw him. He had some serious, serious chubs…and then some! As a newborn, he was itty bitty – here is is at only two weeks old.  What a big difference!

It’s hard being a model – here he is having a little break and getting some snuggles from mommy & daddy.

There’s something about Jack that is really special. You can see it in his smile – so innocent….and his eyes….he has such a gentleness about him. I saw it as a newborn, but I see it even more now. Doesn’t he look like the most gentle baby? So sweet and innocent.

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