…I always try to get a handful of really good shots where baby is looking directly at the camera. These are the ones that people like to hang & frame in their home…but really, my favorite ones – the images at the top of my list – are those that show more than just a cute smile. I love photos where babies are in their own element, observing their environment & just being into whatever they’re doing. These are the moments I love to capture…at the top of my list for sure. See how baby girl is looking up? She was checking out the teepee that I had just sat her under. She was really curious about it and wondering what it was – cute :) And the one below it. There she is totally grossed out by the grass (she doesn’t usually sit in grass with that much texture) and I think it’s adorable how she’s making that funny face. As a parent, these are the kind of moments I want to remember!

  • GIGI these photos are priceless! BOTH OF U ARE SO PRECIOUS. We love u so much!(09.17.2012 08:34am)
  • patty Andrew, you know how to be photographed! u look so cute! we luv u! we luv baby Emi!!!!!(09.17.2012 05:29pm)

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