…beautiful baby! It also happens to be the first letter of our little model’s name. But it also stands for *bright*, the word mommy used to describe his birth day! A bright day to welcome a beautiful baby into this world! What an adorable, sweet, calm little boy. So sleepy and easy to photograph! I definitely got my newborn baby fix for the day….And to make it even better, I got to photograph his big(est) brother – who happens to be one of my favorite boys ever! And of course, the icing on the cake was getting his other big brother to laugh and smile! An amazingly lovely family! I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph their most special moments as they grew from 2 to 5!

  • Winnie S Thank you Julie for these priceless memories of our kids and family. We are so grateful for the collection of photos you have taken for us through these wonderful years. We can never get #2 to smile in photos - so awesome! Can't wait til the next one! :)(09.14.2013 10:48am)
  • David Perfect pictures of the perfect family:)(09.14.2013 12:38pm)
  • Rebecca Awww so cute! The pictures are precious!(09.16.2013 10:33am)
  • Brandon Beautiful pictures!(09.16.2013 12:18pm)
  • Mayumi You guys are so lucky to have such cute angels!(09.16.2013 03:08pm)
  • Gina Absolutely precious!(09.16.2013 04:05pm)
  • Yoshi What an incredible baby! Astonishingly beautiful face! Beautifully taken pictures!(09.16.2013 09:00pm)
  • Yulah Adorable!(09.16.2013 10:08pm)
  • Ken Wonderful pictures. So did you use the staff photographer of WB, CBS, or Disney for these? These could be the photos that come in the picture frames that are in the store.(09.17.2013 07:17am)
  • Selena Love all the photos!(09.17.2013 01:44pm)

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