Some things are the same and some are different. She is definitely adorable just like her big brother! Perfect little lips and such a beautiful complexion :) She is more feisty than her brother was for our newborn session, though. Jack was a very sleepy, easy baby to photograph. Check out how adorable he is here & here! I mean, he was totally smiling during our newborn session! It isn’t very often that I get a smile that big :) He is really such a sweet, gentle, loving little boy. You can really see it in his adorable smile. What a lovebug he is :) His little sister is a total firecracker! She knows just what she wants and isn’t shy about expressing herself. She’s got a strong voice :) I’m all for girl power! Isn’t she as pretty as can be? She did give us a few minutes of sleep, and you can see just how gorgeous & peaceful she is…There’s definitely a nice balance between her and her big brother :) It was such a joy meeting her & I look forward to seeing her again in a few months! I have a feeling she’s going to keep me on my toes & make me work hard for each shot! I’m ready for the cardio – I will wear my running shoes :) Oh, and I just have to comment on how gorgeous mommy is. Hello?! She just had a baby 10 days prior to our session. How can she be looking that beautiful? And my, how gracefully she juggles two babies who need her…and how calm she was even when her little baby girl wasn’t feeling as relaxed :) Mothers are super heros.

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