The only ingredients needed are: One soft cushy surface that’s bouncy – and one willing participant. We had both of those – well, the latter after a little coaxing and some loud music…oh, and a funny dog with a dancing tail :)

Once our participant was willing and interested — she perfectly demonstrated the proper way to Bed Jump. So, on to Bed Jumping 101.¬†First, listen to some music to get hyped up – don’t be afraid to clap your hands and sing. Second, brace yourself for the first push off….then JUMP! Next, get ready for the *seat plant*, brace yourself…stand back up and do it again! Oh how I wish I could do this all day long, too! How fun! My only fear is that if I tried it, I may break the bed :)

Clearly, a super sweet girl with a smile that was so so charming…but, her pout was just as cute :)

  • Grandpa Roush My grandchildren are only allowed to jump on hotel or motel beds, but never at home. It looks like fun. Love you all! Uncle Gus(10.11.2010 04:41pm)
  • Meredith Awww! She looks so cute!(10.11.2010 06:23pm)
  • Grandma Emma The alphabet song goes well with jumping 101...I'd be surprised that Ruby wasn't singing it while jumping....wonderful photos. luv grandma(10.11.2010 09:51pm)

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