I’m officially smitten! The Art District in Santa Ana is a true hidden gem! I luuurve it!  Spectacular architecture with old world charm as a backdrop for an amazingly beautiful couple is a photographer’s dream.

  • Lori Z I cannot wait to see your bouncing baby boy!!! You look goregous momma!xoxoxoxoxoxo(04.06.2009 08:48pm)
  • ally oooo may god i love all of them!!! you guys look so nice !! :-) can wait to see ya lil boy... lve ya guys <3 aunty ally <3(04.06.2009 08:58pm)
  • Yejin I love them!!!! You're so beautiful. I can't wait to see you and your Jr. LOVE~!!!(04.06.2009 09:01pm)
  • Jessica You are beautiful!(04.06.2009 09:02pm)
  • Patti hey girl !! you look so pretty !! Can't wait to see the lil angel. I wish I did that with my two babies !!!(04.06.2009 09:38pm)
  • Amy My girl your such a beautifull momma!! I luv ya.(04.07.2009 12:46am)
  • brigette Monica, your pictures look amazing. And I love your new haircut. seee you sooooon my sexy MILF!(04.07.2009 02:42am)
  • kryssy my goodness moni..you are glowing...this is the most beautiful picture that you have taken..you and tony look amazing...i am so proud to be a part not only in your life but ur sons..it truly is a blessing to be by your side. i cant wait to be there at the birth of your baby boy..I love you guys so much....and i love your haircut!!!!who did it!!!lol(04.07.2009 04:05am)
  • Tabitha I love your pictures. They turned out beautiful! I just can't show Ramsey the "bra" one yet:)(04.07.2009 06:23am)
  • Michelle so cute... hope to see you soon(04.07.2009 04:00pm)
  • Jody Astrom Monica - you look absolutely beautiful! Jody(04.08.2009 01:06am)
  • xtiana YOU ARE SOOOO BEAUTIFUL I am in love! I totally dig the top 2 and the silhouette profile of you. I love love love it! Your pregnancy suits you.(04.08.2009 04:29am)
  • Esperanza Hi Mija, You look so beatiful, we are waiting to see your baby. Absolutley goregous.(04.08.2009 02:54pm)
  • Aunt Lorna Moni and Tony...wow, I am in awe of these pictures! Moni, you are absolutely beautiful and these pics are terrific...can't wait to see your heavenly little baby boy soon! Love you all lots and god bless xoxo!!!(04.09.2009 02:30am)
  • Mom You both look so good together! These photos are beautiful! Eventhough you're having a baby, you will always be my baby. Love, Mom(04.10.2009 04:29pm)
  • Nicole Hi Moni, I adore your pics they came out so good. I wish I did that. I can't wait to see the baby! Take care. Love Nicole(04.11.2009 04:35pm)
  • Esperanza Hi Mija, I have always known how beautiful you are, but now your are even more beautiful... if that could be possible, you are a "Sexy, Gorgeous mama" and yes Tony is handsome too ha,ha. Take care and talk too you soon. Love ya Esperanza(04.15.2009 04:09am)
  • Tatiana Monica, the photos are just breathtaking ! you gyus look so in love & beautiful, & love the photos in front of the brick wall & of course love the blue ruffle shorts. You look happy, glowing & so ready to be a mommy ! see you tomorrow at lunch & soon w/ the baby Kisses , Tatiana(04.16.2009 04:21am)

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