I can’t think of a more amazing way to start a new year than with new life! There’s something just indescribable about the energy you feel when a baby is born – it’s magical, beautiful, breathtaking. This sweet angel definitely captivated the hearts of her mommy, daddy…and grandparents (and me)! She’s such a calm and content little girl — perhaps it’s because she’s still taking in all of this big world since her birth was super fast (her mommy’s labor was so intense and quick, she went from 5cm to baby being born in under an 1 hour 19 minutes!) No doubt, baby is a sweetheart and mommy is just amazing! I can’t even imagine how intense her labor must have felt. I mean, to go from 5cm to pushing in an hour?! It must have felt like 1 hour looong contraction that never let up! Amazing. Simply amazing how phenomenal the female body is…and the sheer magic of bringing new life into the world. Welcome sweet baby girl! It was so nice to meet you and I can’t wait to see you again for our newborn session! And congratulations to the beautiful family!

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