…another mom & baby photo – because she’s just too pretty not to! Umm, really, just gave birth? Look how gorgeous she is – Hello! My fave is little M’s toes pressed up against mom’s chin :)

…and one moreĀ  of baby, because he’s too cute not to!

…and what a cute little bun he is! I knew he was going to be adorable, but wow, I was really stunned. Not only was he just lovely, he was easy to pose – which is so clear from these images…I loove dangly feet!

And here are the beautiful parents…

Sleep smiles make me happy.

This one is a favorite of mine – he looks so sweet and as happy as can be.

Just look at these baby toes! So chubby and plump :)

  • Karla OMG! These pictures are beautiful! Marcelito is going to be a supermodel when he grows up!;)(05.07.2009 02:20am)
  • Aunt Lorna Marcelo is so cute!!! I have to agree with Karla...he is going to be a supermodel (just be prepared)! See you soon and give Marcelo big hugs & kisses from all of us. xoxo Aunt Lorna(05.07.2009 02:29am)
  • Tabitha He's so cute! My favorite is the face shot where he is smiling in his sleep. We can't wait to see you!(05.07.2009 03:25am)
  • Jessica So tiny!! So cute! Can't wait to meet him!(05.07.2009 02:27pm)
  • Anut Yadira Will I have to say his soooooooooooo adorable...I love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing....lot of kiss..love you guys...(05.07.2009 06:19pm)
  • Aunt Luisa He looks really cute in all pictures.....what can i say.....he took after he's aunt Luisa...so photogenic! he is such a CUPCAKE!!!!!! luv u marcelito!(05.07.2009 08:22pm)
  • Esperanza HI Mija, He is so cute, I love the picture where he is smiling in his sleep, and he has the cutest little dimple....Oh my god, he is so adorable I can't wait to see him...Marcelito the perfect name...luv you mijo...(05.10.2009 06:49pm)
  • Maria WOW!!!!!!!!!! What an adorable baby!!! Marcelo is so cute!!!! These pictures are fantastic!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! And the photographer is right, really? You just had a baby? :) These pics just made my day!(05.14.2009 07:54pm)

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