…photographing two very, very, very busy little bees was definitely a fun way to spend the afternoon! If you think this hive’s buzzin’ now, just wait until baby #3 makes his debut (which will be any day now)! I’m looking forward to meeting the newest addition. I bet he’s going to be a looker just like his two big brothers :) And would you look at this sweetie’s face?! His smile and laugh are so, so adorable. He also makes the funniest expressions. The very last image of this post has to be up there on my list of favorite toddler candids – his look is priceless! And wow, look at mommy. She is beautiful, really. Definitely ALL belly. ┬áHer skin is gorgeous, her hair is amazing (oh how I try to get my hair to look like this, but never turns out the way I want it to), and just overall — glowing! Thanks for a fun afternoon! See you all again soon :)

  • Norine Hartman These pictures are beautiful!! Toni, you look amazing!! The pictures of the boys are adorable.(06.27.2011 10:19pm)
  • Wendy Fu Love, love, these photos Toni.!! You're beautiful as always even with a bun in the oven. Hugs!(06.28.2011 06:15pm)
  • Sheila Westover These pictures are amazing. Toni, you look beautiful as always. The kids are so adorable. Beautiful family. Congrats!(07.01.2011 02:56pm)
  • Rose Riek Can't wait to meet Blake!! Everyone looks great!!! Congrats!(07.02.2011 07:39am)

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