What a beautiful, sweet and spunky little girl! I just adore her carefree spirit and boundless amounts of energy! Mommy and I were reminiscing on how different our last session was just under 1 year ago…when she was just a baby! Now she’s still pretty as a peach, but faster! Super fast! Running every which way :) I loved it though, the open areas to run and play let her be her carefree, easy spirited self! A gorgeous little girl indeed!

  • Kay Haynes Beautiful pictures of a beautiful little girl. They really capture her spirit. The most gorgeous blue eyes.(07.17.2014 07:42am)
  • Cheryl Cotney These photos are beautiful and you have certainly captured Harper's 'Big' personality.(07.17.2014 01:16pm)
  • Granddad Cotney Wow! Beautiful girl and beautiful family in a beautiful setting. Fantastic!(07.17.2014 03:37pm)
  • Katie Love, love, love these Julie! Once again, you did an amazing job capturing our sweet, exuberant little girl. I love that you were able to document this moment in time and can't wait to have these pics up in our house!(07.22.2014 02:08pm)

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