Wedding bells! It was an absolutely gorgeous day at the Wayfarer’s Chapel. That morning, the clouds were low in the sky  - filtering the sun light for some amazing blue skies. It’s rare that I photograph weddings, but this one was special…so I was more than a little excited to document this special time for such a wonderful family…here are just a few that stood out to me right away as I loaded them from my cards – I particularly love the father + daughter image :) I’m so so so looking forward to sharing the rest with you!

  • Melissa Shelton WOW! Julie, you are amazing! I love the pictures and can't wait to see the rest. Thank you so much for doing this for us. I am glad that you were there to capture our special day in a way that I know only you could. THANK YOU! (I owe you Portillo's.) Melissa (aka - the bride)(10.06.2010 06:15am)
  • THE CrazyGrandPa/FIL/Tom {{{{{{{{JULIE}}}}}}}} Wonderful pictures of a wonderful wedding taken by a wonderful girl, you got what it takes to take pictures! It was 'my' pleasure meeting you!! All the best, to the best!! Miss You!! Old T(10.06.2010 08:52am)
  • Mary Smith Wow! Gorgeous couple!! Beautiful pictures!! We are sooooo happy for you all!!! Congratulations and Best Wishes!! Love, Mary, Mike, Benton, Margaret and Betsy(10.06.2010 10:07am)
  • Susan Hallock These are amazing photos of an amazing family by an amazing photographer. We are so lucky. Thanks to Shelton family for sharing the day with us and thanks to Julie for yet another set of georgeous photos.(10.06.2010 10:57am)
  • Liz Atherton Fabulous pictures!! They really capture all the love in the family and the beauty of that very special day. Congratulations!!(10.06.2010 11:40am)
  • Gummy (Midori Mits) Breath taking beautiful photos of a gorgeous bride and family in a fairy tale setting! I was honored to be inclued in this magical setting. Well done again, Julie. Proud grandmother of the bride(10.06.2010 02:22pm)
  • auntie mindy these photos are really gorgeous! you definitely captured the beauty of wayfarers chapel and also of the bride, groom and family! love the one with ally and kevin! and i have never seen melissa look more lovely!!! (happiness and a great photographer must do that!)(10.06.2010 08:46pm)
  • Steven Smith WOW! These photos are AMAZING!!!(10.07.2010 02:56pm)
  • mike chirco Julie, fantastic pictures what an amazing chapel. Mel, you look stunning congrats to you and Kevin looks like it was a wonderful day.(10.07.2010 03:45pm)
  • Meloni Hallock Julie - Your photography has captured a beautiful wedding and made it a classic artistic masterpiece to be long remembered and treasured!(10.08.2010 11:16am)
  • Vicki Allosso Melissa - you looked absolutely beautiful. The chapel was gorgeous. Ally looked precious - so grown up. And Devin and Kevin looked very handsome.(10.22.2010 09:38am)
  • Marge Wolfe Everything was so special. The chapel and grounds were like a little bit of heaven and captured beautifully in the pictures. I was honored to be part of my very special grandson's wedding.(10.22.2010 09:47am)

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