It’s clear as day to me why mommy and daddy would want to smooch and cuddle him all the time! Look at his adorable face — and in person, his bubbly laugh is so so contagious :) When I first did their maternity session – I knew that when their baby was born, they would loooove and adore him so much…you could just tell by the way they were so in love with each other – that they would be so in love with their baby boy. Which was absolutely true! At their newborn sessions¬†here and here…I got a little glimpse into their world & their new journey as parents. So, I was waay excited to see them again for Sam’s 6 (almost 7) month session….and oh my – Sam was even more handsome that he was when I first met him….In one word, he is just super duper CHARMING :)

I love these two images below. On the left, he looks just like daddy – seriously – of all of the many babies I have had the opportunity to photograph, I’d have to say that Sam & Ben look the most alike! And the photo on the right I just love because you can see how Sam’s eyes are just like mommy’s!

And would you just look at this face! Scrunched up nose, squinty eyes and toothless gums — all because he was in the middle of a big, jolly laugh. He is so, so, so cute!

Sam’s getting ready to hit the beach with daddy – I think he’s about ready – Don’t you?

He also might be ready to help daddy in the garage.
That big red toolbox was totally better than any other toy in the house!

It was so wonderful seeing you all again! I had a great time catching up and getting to see how much Sam has grown! It’s an honor, privilege and blessing that I’m able to document this special time for your family :) See you again in August!

  • Lucy LOVE These Julie, what a cutie patootie too!(03.01.2010 01:53pm)
  • Kate These are absolutely adorable!!!!(03.01.2010 02:09pm)
  • Shannon (Mommy) Oh my gosh!!! Julie I love these, thank you so much for your spending the morning with us and taking such great photos of our family. :) We really do love you, you are awesome.(03.01.2010 03:59pm)
  • Kara's dad The pictures came out great, lucky for you Sam's a super model.(03.01.2010 04:14pm)
  • Marilyn (Sam's "Auntie") He gets more gorgeous with every photo session. I will have to share with you pictures of Cousin Doug when he was a baby. Sam is definitely a Beardslee baby boy!(03.01.2010 05:12pm)
  • Nancy Little Sam is way to cute with a million dollar personality. He smiles so easily, a photographer's dream. Beautiful pictures !!(03.01.2010 07:28pm)
  • Nicole Such a cute super model! Beautiful pictures :)(03.01.2010 08:23pm)
  • Kristen WOAH....these pictures are STUNNING! Sam is such a handsome little man. I can't wait to watch him grow up. I am continually amazed at the quality of the photos that come out of these sessions. Job WELL done!(03.01.2010 08:29pm)
  • Matt Sam is so photogenic. How handsome. Such brilliant photographs.(03.01.2010 10:13pm)
  • Grandpa Gary Great shots, although I know it is easy with such a good looking subject. :) Thanks for sharing.(03.02.2010 08:34am)
  • Sandy Bakken Absolutely beautiful!! These pictures are precious Shannon, I loved them all! The first one is my favorite, his little face, filled with such happiness! But the toolbox photo, a little manly man, sooo cute! You and Ben are truly blessed, but then so is Sam to have such a wonderful mom & dad!! Thanks for sharing!(03.02.2010 09:45am)
  • Anna These pictures turned out beautiful!! Such a cute little family:)(03.02.2010 02:06pm)
  • Kim: What I'm a Great Aunt Oh my goodness. I have fallen in love with how your little guy looks sooooo cute. What a happy and very well loved son you have. Love Kim(03.02.2010 02:23pm)
  • Gramma Bonnie This gramma is so o o o blessed to have such a wonderful son who married such an beautiful woman who together made a truly georgous, sweet, cute, funny, happy, yummy baby boy! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! Gramma Bonnie(03.03.2010 06:29am)
  • BB...Sam's Gabby These photos are stunning.....such personality captured so well. He is the perfect blend of Shannon and Ben. (But I'm waiting for the red hair...a gift from Josephine)(03.03.2010 09:18am)
  • Gamyval Best Baby in the WORLD......No Child shall ever be as cute.........Love You.....Mom...AKA:Gamy Val(03.03.2010 07:31pm)
  • Cuz Bill What a handsome baby boy.......are those baby blues!!!!!!! The photography is fantastic! You both are blessed. Love ya Cuz(03.04.2010 09:42pm)
  • Christa These pictures are soooooo cute!!! Love Sammys big blue eyes!!! Looks like his mommy and his daddy!! He's getting to be such a big little guy!!(03.05.2010 01:09pm)
  • Daddy My wife and baby boy are so beautiful. Thanks Julie for coming out, we had a great time and the pictures are great!(03.05.2010 01:11pm)
  • Nancy I don't know how he could get any more handsome than he is right now. His blue eyes are so vivid, just like Mom's. Thanks for sharing this beautiful session.(03.05.2010 02:20pm)

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