When I saw her walking up with those super cute pink boots, I knew we were going to have an awesome photo shoot! And then….then….I saw baby girl…her adorable purple dress & sweet, beautiful smile :) What a pretty baby! The last time I saw her she was only days old…and now she’s an active 1 year old! She is seriously, so, so, so cute! Tooo cute! Petite just like her mama :) And as always, big brother was a charmer! He’s so fun to photograph…with his big brown eyes & gorgeous curls! A very sweet & lovely family…

  • Gerry Sobelman Shots are candid and beautiful. Catches the essence of the happy loving family.(11.09.2012 08:12am)
  • Aileen Pincus Oh my GOSH...I can't believe how much the kids have grown already! (and love the pink boots!)(11.09.2012 07:36pm)
  • Stephanie The pictures turned out great, Maddie & Ethan are adorable as usual!(11.09.2012 07:59pm)
  • Nicole What beautiful pictures! You all look wonderful, especially love the one at the end with Ethan and Maddie...so cute! Wait, she's one??!! How did that happen? xoxo(11.09.2012 08:47pm)
  • Nicole Patermo These pics turned out amazing! Of course, because your family is so cute:) can't wait to see the rest of them.(11.10.2012 08:48am)
  • Linda Adler WOW! The parents are of course beautiful and handsome, but those kids are georgeous.(11.12.2012 09:26am)
  • Elissa Blatt Beautiful family! Beautiful pics!(11.12.2012 03:50pm)
  • Megan Beautiful family photos! The kids look adorable and you and Eric look great! Love!(11.14.2012 10:21am)

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