After his short session weeks ago, I was so happy to see him again in such an upbeat mood! At every single photo session, he always blows me away with his huge smiles–which is now full of teeth :) I can’t believe how fast he’s grown…when I first met him, he was less than two weeks old! It’s been simply wonderful capturing his baby milestones :) And how could I not be sooo lucky? I get to play all day with cuties like him:

  • Suzy Prim OH MY GOSH! He is growing up so fast! Still the cutest thing around! Love his smile! Love his curly hair and those eyes! Awwwww! Luvvv him!(12.17.2010 10:38am)
  • Jennifer AKA.. Auntie... :) AWWW my beautiful nephew... Love him and have enjoyed spending so much time with him.. He is such a big boy... Auntie loves you...(12.18.2010 10:37am)

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