So handsome and super sweet – he’s definitely got some major charm! Typical toddler sessions go something like this: Do my toddler giggle maker dance, snap the shutter, make weird faces (and probably scare parents), snap the shutter, gasp for air (I don’t exercise much), run several feet to follow toddler, laugh, and repeat! Parents are often disturbed by the spazzy nature of toddler sessions, but I always reassure them that it is indeed the norm. Dash was very fast – quick on his feet and quick to change up what he was interested in. He’s super sharp…and soooooo darn cute. I just wanted to hug and squeeze him all morning! He’s got such an adorable face that I really couldn’t help saying “He’s so cute!”, “How cute!”, “Sooooo cute!” repeatedly. Tried to stop myself, but the words just kept flying out of my mouth! And his parents are so funny…and very natural in front of the camera. Oh, and plus, all three of them are very easy on the eyes :)

  • matt stainner Wow.. that's one cute kid!!! This is the best photo shoot I've ever seen!!!!(09.27.2010 06:14pm)
  • rocki wow these three ought to be in pictures...oh wait, these are pictures! :DDDDDDDDDDD SO dashing!(09.29.2010 04:48pm)
  • Karen Stainner You are truly magical - you would never know how hot and crowded the beach was from these!!! We are blown away as always and can't wait to see the rest!!! :)(10.01.2010 01:29pm)
  • Mary Leatherman Your family photos are just beachy :) Complements to the photographer.(10.13.2010 05:14pm)

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