When I saw her standing in front of this beautiful tree, surrounded by fallen leaves…her undeniable pregnancy glow, flowing long hair and delicate dress, I thought I may actually be dreaming! I’m sure daddy-to-be felt the same :) What a sight to see. She is a beauty! I can only imagine how precious their baby girl will be…I can’t wait to meet her very very soon!

  • Alana Frish Oh goodness Julie... Thank you so much, you are very talented!!! Really amazing beautiful pics:))) We had so much fun with you that day exploring the grounds. We can't wait for you to photograph our baby girl!!!!(01.15.2015 09:20am)
  • Auntie Stef Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Great job Julie. I can't wait to be an auntie any day now!(01.15.2015 10:11am)
  • Kristen Amazing pictures. Alana and van look great! awesome photographer.(01.15.2015 10:41am)
  • Jessica Such beautiful pictures!! Alana you are the hottest pregnant woman I've ever seen. Can't wait to meet your baby girl :)(01.15.2015 11:00am)
  • Masha Stunning photo session with gorgeous parents to be!!! Alana, love your pregnancy glow and this beautiful scenery. I can't wait to meet the little angel Sophia Bella and see her first Baby Photoshoot =)(01.15.2015 05:01pm)
  • Uncle Jason Nice pictures. We love you.(01.15.2015 09:19pm)
  • Zara Gorgeous photos very professional can be on front page of a magazine good job!(01.17.2015 02:48pm)

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