Feminine, pretty & delicate. Words that came to mind when I met this sweet baby girl. Three beautiful ladies keeping daddy on his toes! What a pleasure it was meeting baby #2. I still remember meeting baby #1 for the first time just 2 years ago! And my, what a great big sister she’s become. So loving & gentle with her baby sister – so very sweet :)

  • Bambi Adorable!!!(11.05.2012 12:50pm)
  • CECILIA Great pictures. The girls are simply beautiful(11.05.2012 02:01pm)
  • Joneal so cute!(11.05.2012 04:32pm)
  • cielo These pictures are so precious...I love the color theme..Great family pics!!!(11.06.2012 10:08am)
  • Lara Absolutely gorgeous!(11.06.2012 10:28am)
  • Catherine The photos are exquisite. Our warmest thank you for capturing our family so beautifully. We will treasure these tender moments forever.(11.06.2012 09:39pm)
  • BILLETTE Beautiful!(11.06.2012 11:02pm)
  • Shannon What a gorgeous family! Really beautiful pictures. All my love with the arrival of baby Juliana.(11.06.2012 11:07pm)
  • Debra These are the best! I so enjoyed watching. Each was better than the first! Martine you have some fashionista's on your hands. Better stick with the Overtime! You family branches are just beautiful!(11.07.2012 08:11am)
  • Vanessa Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE all of them! What amazing photos! I love the close up of sophia holding her new baby sister...soo precious! Big hugs and lots of love.(11.08.2012 03:11pm)
  • Martine WoW ! The girls look Amazing !.. Soo precious !(11.09.2012 10:22pm)
  • Brenda WOW! Beautiful family pictures again. I love them all especially the one with Sophia holding Juliana with both girls looking at the camera. Then too, I like the one wear you're holding her and she's sooooo relaxed.(11.16.2012 08:48am)
  • Jodette What a beautiful family! The girls are just adorable. My favorite is the one of Sophia holding and looking down at her little sister Juliana. So, cute and touching.(11.16.2012 07:34pm)

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