…the first is this sweet little girl who is going to be a big sister soon. A little miracle, blessing, angel. The second is her baby sister, growing in mommy’s belly! Yet another blessing :) I’m so happy for mommy and daddy! When we first met almost 2 years ago, mom and I instantly had a connection. I felt like I knew her for years…and now, I still feel the same – actually, even more so because I get to document their second baby bump! They are such an amazing, kind, gentle, warm and loving family – and I’m so excited that their little family is growing! And of course, would you look at how mommy is just glowing. She is beautiful, inside and out…one of sweetest, kindest, loveliest people I have ever met!

  • Mariam What a great pictures ;) i am in love with the place .. Looks like an amazing view and place for a photo session ;) congratulations(08.17.2011 02:15pm)
  • Sharman Dani, your pictures are beautiful, Congratulations!!! What a pretty place, a great view and a perfect day. You are just glowing and we are so happy for you & your beautiful family. All the best!! Sharman & family.(08.18.2011 08:46am)
  • Luiza Dani, What an AMAZING photo shoot! I can't wait to see Isabella's face. If is anything like yours she is going to be gorgeous! Congratulations! Luiza(08.18.2011 08:54am)
  • Karla Queiroz Que familia linda, que fotos lindas!!! Muita saudade... Parabéns!!!(08.18.2011 10:21am)
  • DANY Julie, Rodrigo and I want to thank you for the beautiful and loving work done (ONCE AGAIN)! Brgds, Danielle(08.18.2011 11:08am)
  • Juliana Pepe OMG, what a beautiful family !!!!! You guys look fantastic!!! I am so happy for you :)(08.18.2011 11:15am)
  • CARLA MARTINS Que fotos maravilhosas!!!! Família linda num momento inspirador. PARABÉNS!!!!!!(08.18.2011 11:41am)
  • GRANDMA CRIS Words will never express how happy I am with the upcoming birth of my second granddaughter Isabella. More than the 14000 miles way from them are my "Saudades" which will be soon relieved on Sept 17 when we´ll be together in LA. Lots of luv! Cris, Mari & Zeze(08.18.2011 01:25pm)
  • Anita Dani, Luiza shared these pictures with me. They are so beautiful! You look GORGEOUS as always! And what a sweet family. I am so happy for all of you. Can't wait to meet the new addition! With love, Anita, Stewart & Anya(08.18.2011 02:43pm)
  • Maria Munoz You and the family look absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pics!(08.21.2011 09:22pm)
  • Becca Mendoza Such a beautiful family and the scenery is lovely! Congrats to the both of you on the expectance of your little girl!!(08.22.2011 10:19am)

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