Oh, em, gee! I can hardly believe my sweet girl is only a few days shy of three months! So sad, really – it reaally saddens me that she is growing up so fast. Can I just keep her this age forever? It’s such a cute cute age! I love everything about this girl – from her smell to the way to looks at me and even the way she cries. She’s a doll, a sweetheart, a precious angel…my baby girl. Here are some things she’s doing these days:


- Laughs with her tongue sticking out. I looove when she does this.
- Makes a coughing sound and smiles when something amuses her
- Keeps her hands in tight little fists with her thumb in between her index & middle finger (which is something I do, too)
- Curls her toes in and always keeps them together
- Naps horribly during the day (20 min catnaps), but sleeps 4-7 hours at night (score!)
- Loves to be held but does not like to be worn in a sling (booo! her brother loooved the sling)
- Loves bathtime
- Still needs to be swaddled for sleep
- Frowns (like her daddy), just as much as she smiles :)
- Has her daddy, brother & mommy wrapped around her little finger!


What do you think about the last side by side images? This is Emi and Drew around the same age. Do you think they look alike??? These two are definitely connected on another level. They manage to wake up at the same time every morning! Whether it be 6am, 6:30, 7:30 or 8am! They are up within minutes of each other – what in the world?!



  • Old Tom Shelton (Happy Grandpa) Beautiful children who appear to be very happy....I'm pretty sure they come by most of it from their lovely mother......you are doing a great job (pictures) and i wish your family the very best during the holidays......MISS U!!(12.17.2011 08:17am)
  • Sara Pravongviengkham Hi Julie, it's your cousin Sara from Canada. I talked to your mom and she told me about you. Your baby girl is so cute and I can't believe Andrew is in pre-school. You are a great photographer! Talk again soon. Sara(09.24.2012 07:14pm)

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