Every time I photograph this little doll, I seriously think about baby #2. She is just so, so, so, so darling! Those curls are just so absolutely adorable…and look at her eyes when she smiles — so, so innocent and beautiful. She is one of the happiest babies I know – ALWAYS  full of big smiles when I photograph her.  What a happy little girl!

Toooo cute for words!!!

…and, she loves to share :)  Look at her legs – so chubby and cute!

Now here is that smile – so contagious – so happy – and her eyes just light up :)

This will be my last entry for 2009, and I think this is the perfect post to end the year with! I’m on vacation now until January 2nd! A trip to Sea World, spending time with family & friends…and of course, lots of rest, relaxation and food! Happy Holidays everyone – see you next year!!!

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