I’m sure that she will follow in her mommy’s footsteps! Fashionista in the making! And her big brother is quite the dapper little dude himself. Just like daddy, he is such a fashionable guy and also very charming! A beautiful family of four!

  • Mary Ann Akkaraju What a gorgeous family!!(01.11.2013 03:35pm)
  • Kathryn Gordon What an amazing shoot! I never would have thought that black would look so gorgeous on the little ones. What a beautiful family and these pictures are just fantastic.(01.11.2013 03:35pm)
  • Cynthia So cute!!!! Great pix!!(01.11.2013 03:36pm)
  • Meg wow, these are so cute! you all look great.(01.11.2013 03:36pm)
  • Cynthia Wyse Beautiful family and amazing pix!(01.11.2013 03:42pm)
  • Megan Galloway Great photos and beautiful family. Love the black and white ones.(01.11.2013 03:59pm)
  • Angie Wegner So beautiful. I love the black and white one of the kids sitting in white chairs!(01.11.2013 05:06pm)
  • Elaine Beautiful children. Mom and Dad aren't bad either, but maybe I am just the tiniest bit biased!(01.11.2013 05:21pm)
  • Lisa Good looking family. Good looking photos.(01.12.2013 07:16am)
  • Christina Gorgeous! I am so impressed with this family's amazing style, and the photos capture it all perfectly. XO(01.13.2013 11:48am)
  • Jessica Wilson Seriously adorable and awesome pics!!!(01.13.2013 12:44pm)
  • Shannon Nelson Too cute for words:-)(01.13.2013 10:04pm)
  • Cindy I'm speechless... absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful family... Love all the color combos!(01.14.2013 09:12pm)

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