…but in a good way! It’s actually been a few months since I photographed a blue-eyed baby. And wow, I was definitely blown away by hers. Not only that, but she had the perfect elbow dimples, an adorable smile that showed off her two bottom teeth, and such a lovely peachy-pink complexion. She was such a joy to photograph! I also soo enjoyed chatting with mommy. I always love having mommy convos during photo sessions because us moms just have so much in common! I have to admit that at least half of why I love what I do so much is getting to meet and hang out with awesome fams – it’s really amazing :) Here are a few sneak peaks of this gorgeous girl that I was lucky enough to photograph on a cool, cloudy morning at the beach!

  • Daniell Julie, Thank you so much. I am in love with them! It was worth the freezing cold, early morning! Hannah's little cat-nap did pay off :) Can't wait to see the rest. Daniell(03.22.2011 07:50am)
  • Daniel Elperin She looks beautiful!(03.22.2011 08:51am)
  • Michele Love the pier! so cute. My niece is so cute :)(03.22.2011 01:13pm)
  • Jody Adorable! Such beautiful pictures(03.22.2011 01:53pm)
  • Brooke Lively Wow these turned out so cute! I love them! Hannah looks adorable!(03.22.2011 02:44pm)
  • Debbie Those blue eyes are just gorgeous!! She's beautiful(03.22.2011 06:18pm)
  • Lana Great pictures. Hannah looks absolutely adorable!!! Love her outfits & such a cool location. Great photographer!! :)(03.22.2011 08:40pm)
  • Grandpa Bernard Wow Wow!!! So beautiful just like my little girl!(03.22.2011 09:12pm)
  • Vidki Martin So precious. Looks like she might be a redhead?(03.23.2011 11:31am)
  • Debi Watt WOW! Great pictures Hannah's eyes are amazing! What a little cutie.(03.23.2011 11:42am)
  • jamie silva Absolutely beautiful pictures. Such a good looking family! Hannah, has to be the cutest baby ever with her breathtaking blue eyes.(03.23.2011 05:21pm)
  • Chelsea I love the pictures at the pier. Love the lighting.. so soft!(03.23.2011 10:23pm)
  • Michael The colors in these pictures are absolutely incredible. I love the way her big blue eyes really pop with the blues of the surroundings. Amazing work, as always!(03.24.2011 11:25am)
  • Rosemary What a beautiful family!(03.25.2011 08:47pm)
  • nick That's the most adorable baby! Love those blue eyes!!(03.26.2011 12:32pm)
  • Krsitin Daniell!!! love these.. they are amazing.(03.28.2011 07:46am)
  • anita Awwwwww she is getting so big. What a great smile and those eyes, Wow.(04.02.2011 05:03pm)

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