Has a year really passed? Truly, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since I first met this lovely pregnant mommy-to-be and her super sweet hubby….who were just about to welcome their sweet baby boy into the world. I say this frequently, but really – time does fly by super fast. One minute, we have a tiny newborn in our arms (totally sleep deprived and tired – but full of a new, indescribable love)….and the next minute we’re planning a first birthday party (feeling excited, but sad that our baby is growing up so fast). All I can say is that I am very, very fortunate…and extremely humbled to be able to share in the journey of so many families – especially this family. When I last photographed Sammy at 6 months, I was already soo looking forward to seeing him again when he turned one! He must be one of the happiest, most smiley baby I have ever photographed! Super sweet, jolly, and just adorable. But of course, this is to be expected, as his parents are awesome, too!  Seeing this family go from a couple…to parents has been amazing – seeing things come full circle has been so wonderful :)
Now, on to the images – celebrating Sam’s first birthday!

  • Shannon Julie! I love them, like I love everything you have done for us. You are so much fun to work with and Sam loves you too. :) Thank, thank you for capturing this wonderful journey for us. <3(08.26.2010 07:07am)
  • Kerissa Wow these pics are beautiful of your family! Sammy is so adorable as usual!(08.26.2010 07:29am)
  • Lea sooo precious! Love all the shots and really love the ones of you along with Sam and Daddy alone with Sam!(08.26.2010 12:13pm)
  • Gamy Val Sweet little baby boy.......so handsome! Love You, Gamy Val(08.26.2010 03:20pm)
  • Nicole Cute! Look at those big blue eyes! Love the pic where Sam is holding mommy and daddy's hand and hd just smiling away :)(08.26.2010 09:57pm)
  • Ben (Daddy) These are fantastic pictures. I'm such a proud Daddy of my beautiful family.(08.27.2010 07:19am)
  • Cousin Ken You all look good and happy in the natural setting. Get Sam a Sierra Club membership to keep up his interest in nature and preserve some of it for him.(08.27.2010 09:39am)
  • Nicole Ben, you are a lucky guy. Almost as lucky as Mike..(08.27.2010 09:56am)
  • Cousin Jan Thanks for sharing Sammy's photo op of his 1st birthday. Great pictures. He is a real cutie!(08.27.2010 10:04am)
  • Gramma Bonnie Just the most adorable, yummy little boy ever! Just want to jump in the car and drive over there and kiss him all over!(08.27.2010 06:21pm)
  • Cheryl What a handsome little guy & family! Beautiful pics. Seems Sam always has perma-grin!(08.27.2010 09:21pm)
  • Debbie Hale I too have enjoyed watching this darling little boy grow. By reading the wonderful stories and looking at these adorable pictures, I feel like I have been apart of him for the year. Sam is sooo cute and the photographer is great to be able to capture such wonderful and natural pictures. Thanks for sharing.(08.27.2010 09:22pm)
  • Gramma Bonnie Oh...and Mommy and Daddy look great too! Hugs and kisses for you too!(08.28.2010 06:28am)
  • Grandpa Gary Beautiful family, great how you caught Sam always looking at his surroundings. He's always looking and smiling. and now walking too. Thanks.(08.28.2010 08:32am)
  • Auntie Kristen Watching Sam grow up has been amazing and looking back at all of the pictures that Julie has taken really reminds me of how special this little man is and what an impact he has made in my life. I love him so very much! Great Job!(08.28.2010 10:25pm)
  • Sandy Bakken Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! You guys have blessed us with a fantastic "full circle" look of your last year. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Sam grow into the handsome little man he is today! Your photographer has done an awesome job of capturing such joy in Sam's adorable little face and through that we can see how happy and loved he is....(08.30.2010 07:51am)
  • Great Aunt BB These photos are priceless, as are the parents and little one in them. Smiles abound because of love.(09.01.2010 09:46am)
  • Regina What a beautiful baby! The photos are fabulous, what a treasure(09.01.2010 11:03am)
  • Old friends Paul & Kyle Wow! Look at those blue eyes! Congratulations Ben and Shannon. May the Lord bless you enormously as you three grow together. Paul & Kyle Kroening - old friends of Ben's mom & dad.(09.06.2010 12:40am)

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