To say that this weekend was busy for me would be an understatement. I try not to book myself for back-to-back sessions, but I kind of had to this week. It was energizing though, and I had massive amounts of fun!

The big whammy was a majorly awesome photo shoot – four generations of families…with great grandma leading the pack (what an amazing woman she is, truly). To be exact, 8 families (technically 10) in all…and over 30 people, including kiddies! I must admit, I was pretty nervous going into it, but the moment I met the first family, I knew it was going to be amazingly fun! I think part of it is because this beautiful family totally reminds me of my own :) They even fed me afterwards – that made my day — and anyone who knows me knows that I cannot refuse food. Ever. And, I must always finish what’s on my plate (or in my bowl). So, here are a few fave images from this very fun day! I’ll save the massive group photos for later :)

Oh, and I must thank my hubby for giving me up for two days. I hardly saw him at all this weekend! He did have fun hanging out with Drew (our 2.5 year old) though, which is always nice. But at least we got to watch the Laker game on Sunday night (although I wish I would’ve skipped it because it was quite painful to watch). Anyway, here are the photos! Looking at these brings to surface a deep appreciation of how lucky I am to do what I do! My job has got to be up there on the list of most awesome jobs :) So what does about 4.5 hours of shooting and 750+ actuations get you? Well, here’s a little taste:


  • mindy sakioka hi julie, we had a wonderful time with you on sunday! the pictures look awesome!(06.15.2010 08:11am)
  • Susan Hallock Julie - These are AMAZING! Thanks for agreeing to take these pictures. We were so lucky to have you capture our family. As always, we couldn't ask for anything better. Can't wait to see the rest!(06.15.2010 09:09am)
  • Christine Julie, LOVE THEM! Had such a great time! Thanks so much for making the whole experience pain free!(06.15.2010 10:16am)
  • Melody Tokunaga Julie ~ Love,love the "little taste" - can't wait to see the rest! The photo shoot was so much fun - Thank You!(06.15.2010 10:27am)
  • Meloni Hallock Julie - There were 39 people and one dog that you had to photograph in various permutations. The process was amazing and really stress-free for all of us. Thank you for making my mother's 85th birthday celebration memorable. I know we will have many beautiful pictures to admire and share.(06.15.2010 11:50am)
  • Gummy (Midori Mits) Julie, I have profound respect for the beautiful work that you produce. I know the rest of the photos will be equally delightful---can't wait to see them! The entire experience was wonderful.(06.15.2010 12:19pm)
  • David These photos are incredible. You even got a photo of Christian smiling and not running away. That alone is an amazing feat.(06.16.2010 07:26am)
  • Melissa Nicholson Julie - You did a wonderful job with the pictures and with our family! I can't wait to see all of them. Loved the link to Portillo's too!(06.17.2010 08:09pm)
  • Marilyn Scavuzza Happy Birthday Auntie! The photos are gorgeous and capture the warmth and love of a wonderful family! I can't wait to see more! And who would think you are 85! I will certainly show them off to friends and family. I hope every one is well. We're taking Grandma and Uncle Ralph (their ashes that is) down to St. Louis next weekend so they will be with Dad. Heh Miss, I'll give you a call, okay? It's still so wierd without Grandma......(06.17.2010 09:13pm)
  • Cindy Ochi What a beautiful family you have, Auntie! These photos are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.(06.18.2010 10:04am)
  • Jim Ochi Wow, what great photos of everyone! Thanks for sharing with me.(06.20.2010 02:53pm)
  • Steve Ochi Happy birthday! Those are some great photos of the family, everybody looks healthy and happy. Looking forward to seeing some more!(06.20.2010 04:20pm)
  • Liz Thornton-White Wow, Midori, you have a beautiful, beautiful family! Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with me. I feel so happy to see these. The children, are adorable...and you are just beautiful. Thanks again. Love, Liz(06.20.2010 11:38pm)
  • Larry Julie ~ You captured some great smiles and memories! Looking forward to seeing more!(06.21.2010 10:50am)
  • Nicole Sakioka the pictures are sooo cute!!:D i especially like the one with me and my cousin Ally! ?(06.22.2010 06:37pm)
  • Verna King What an amazing talent you have, Julie, to capture the family of such an amazing lady as Midori just perfectly. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the pictures.(06.22.2010 08:29pm)
  • mas sakioka You managed to make the shoot relaxed, smooth and enjoyable - quite a feat when you consider how BIG our family is. Even more amazing is how crisp and clear the pictures are - thanks for a good experience! Mas Sakioka(06.22.2010 08:59pm)
  • Karen Stainner Such a beautiful family....this must have been a BLAST!!! LOVE the idea of commemorating a birthday with a photo shoot....(hhhmmmmm...);-) Always love seeing your work Julie - you're the best!!!(06.23.2010 03:27pm)
  • Vickie Farmer what a great idea! These pictures are simply amazing - love the shots of the kids laughing and smiling :)(06.23.2010 03:37pm)
  • Jill Barry Who would have thought that nature could be made more gorgeous and vibrant in color with the addition of smiles with dimples! Great shots and beautiful family!(06.23.2010 05:12pm)
  • May and Shig What a happy occasion, Midori. Akio and I use to talk about the three Ochi children without relatives in the US, and how the family has grown. Akio would have really enjoyed the expanded family today. We include him in our thoughts and rejoice that you have so many offsprings over four generations. Our best wishes to your extended family!(06.23.2010 08:38pm)
  • Steven Smith Julie - I can't believe you DRANK the Portillo's gravy!!! Sniff, sniff - what a woman!(06.23.2010 08:46pm)
  • Gummy (Midori Mits) Thank you for thinking of Akio. I'm sure he would have loved the little ones especially. We are so lucky to have such a good group of people we call family. I am so blessed.(06.26.2010 09:52am)
  • Linda Roberts My hat's off to Julie - fantastic photos! Midori, thank you so much for sharing these. You have a beautiful family, and it's obvious to see that your celebration and the entire experience was a joyful one. You truly are blessed. Much love, Linda(06.26.2010 11:52am)

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