…this little girl will melt your heart. So charming, so delicate, so pretty :)  Ribbon or lollipop? Lolliops are sweet & yummy, but chewing on ribbon wins when you’re teething!

At 10 months and as mobile as can be – we were all surprised when our little model decided NOT to crawl during our photo session. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to start moving – but when she finally did, she went full force…for a little while at least :)

She preferred to sit still….which was great for me, but not so great for mommy who wanted photographs of her little one crawling…but look at how cute she is! It doesn’t matter if she’s sitting or moving – the camera loves her either way.

Nothing’s better than a baby’s sweet, innocent eyes.

Mmmm, crib rails are both yummy and soothing for sore gums!

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