…sensing a theme here? Lots of beach photo sessions recently :)  I like beaches alot. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore and the clean, crisp ocean air are so refreshing. But I just don’t like the feeling of sand between my toes :) I don’t know why! Even when I’m at the park with my kids, I always wear sneakers because I really feel uncomfortable when I get sand in my flip flops! So, for beach sessions, I usually wear Uggs to cover my toes, haha! I know, weird, huh? It works for me. Although, recently, I’ve been having so many beach sessions that slowly, sand has invaded my Uggs. So now, sand is literally stuck in the fur lining :(  The good thing though, is that I’ve reached a turning point and have ditched them for sandals for beach session. I’m getting used to it, and it’s not so bad! I’m growing and changing :) Haha! I do love southbay beaches though. Not only are they super clean, but they offer lots of variety. I especially love Hermosa for this pretty cool mural! I had an awesome time with this sweet couple. Mommy-to-be is so pretty…and she has such beautiful eyes! Dad does, too! I’m definitely looking forward to meeting their baby in just a few weeks! Until then, here are a few sweet moments of the parents-to-be together, before they grow from two to three!

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