When I first met her when she was a newborn, I knew those big beautiful brown eyes would win me over when she got to be 6 months (afterall, this is my favorite age for photos)! I can hardly believe we’re already HALFway through the year to her first birthday!

  • Sotara Rico Beautiful photos again! Thank you(05.11.2016 12:11pm)
  • Janet Beautiful expressions on everyone's faces! Love seeing Zoe's teeth !(05.11.2016 12:29pm)
  • Laura Arguija Beautiful family makes beautiful pictures. Props to the photographer. It's so hard to get all those happy smiling faces all at the same time.(05.11.2016 08:45pm)
  • Stephanie Tang Gorgeous!!! Captured the beauty of this family perfectly!(05.11.2016 09:48pm)

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