Hunter has always been one of the happiest little babies I’ve photographed. His energy is so positive, so full of zest! Here he is, totally enjoying his first birthday!

Those eyes and sweet smile tell a story…

Here’s the loving, happy, beautiful family on Hunter’s first birthday

  • Trish Cute Julie!!! You did such a great job! Thank you! I cannot wait to see the rest.(05.12.2009 02:41pm)
  • Becky Anzivino Great pics! Love the cake ones~ so festive!(05.12.2009 02:49pm)
  • Great G'ma n Great G'pa Greves What an adorable baby! Of course we are not prejudiced in any way. He is a lucky baby to have such a dedicated set of parents too. I love the cake photos. Wouldn't you know it?(05.22.2009 06:27pm)

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